Is it Fear of Failure or Fear of Success???

When I was a teenager [three week ago  J], I heard a quote that rocked me to my core and it became my unconscious mantra … because unbeknownst to me at the time … I would make every excuse on the face of the earth – and blame other people for it - to stop myself from following my first passion!  The quote was …
“In Life, we only regret the things we do not do”
All too soon the Universe removed that opportunity for me … and since then, and every day since then … I have been adrift.  Until recently …
One of the things I am really enjoying about growing up and older is that perspective and life’s ironies are becoming a joy to revel in …
And as this new opportunity flirts with me … the fear that crippled me before, won’t do that this time … I am grabbing it with both arms, holding on tight and determined to not miss this bungee!
So, have there been things I have indeed done and still regretted?  Not following my first passion – yes, but otherwise … precious few … But it’s making peace with those missed opportunities and regrets – I am learning – is the hard but rewarding work.
Life, ain’t it a gas … So I'm learning ... Live with Passion!  Say what you need to say and devour every moment …
What do you think?
Warm regards from Collette in Cape Town


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