Was Shakespeare right???

So was Shakespeare right … is it indeed “better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”

Now I know, that many a more distinguished scholar than I has asked and dissected this question before me … but I watched a movie on Monday night … and she loved him - deeply and truly loved him … and he rudely went and died on her (yes, yes, I know it is just a movie, but her loss deeply moved me – both times I watched the movie!) … they knew it was coming, he knew, she knew … did I mention that they both knew … she was devastated! DEVASTATED! I was sobbing like a collective lunatic, the snot and tears flowed … and I couldn’t help but think … Is it better to love and lose – or would it just be better to live happily, unattached, living it up … unhinged to another sole? Well I’ve have contemplated this greatly since Monday, I was completely stunned by her pain on Monday and considered how I would feel if my soul partner was taken from me … the pain that came up in my chest was indescribable and right then and there I thought … No … rather stay unhinged, unattached, separate from the romantic emotional world, ready to up and move at a moment’s emotional notice.

Now I need to stop for a second and confide that the only iota of loss that I have ever experienced, was the death of my pet rabbit Thumper, whom I adored when I was about 10 years old … (which scares me into the next millennium – because I am painfully aware that it all lies ahead of me – I am not good with death! Just ask anyone who has attended a funeral with me!)

But I digress … I suppose (or so I have been told) time heals and makes the loss bearable … and from Monday to today (Thursday) I have decided that it is indeed better … better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”… because who are we without someone to love, someone to remind us of how important we are and who are we without an opportunity to love deeply, completely and with every hinge in our being!

What do you think? 

Warm regards from Collette in Cape Town


Anonymous said...

Keep going with this!

Oakley said...

Tough one! I think I would only be truly qualified to make a decision for myself when I actually experience it. I think there would be different degrees of loss depending on what you lose. I.e soul mate vs. Children. Can't bring myself to even think about this any further than this at this stage!

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