Do we make the people in our lives feel secure?

The other day, while watching E!News [now I would love to say that it was the E free Channel News … but who are we kidding here … I have to own up to the fact that I LOVE and LIVE on channel 124 E! Entertainment – there I said it!] … but I digress … I caught an interview with Keith Urban (Musician and Nicole Kidman’s current husband).  Keith Urban was performing at some awards ceremony and the interviewer asked him … “Do you get nervous when Nicole is in the audience? and Keith Urban fleetingly looked up at Nicole and then turned to the interviewer and said very thoughtfully “No, she makes me raise my game!” … that comment took both Nicole’s and my breath away … what a generous statement and what a beautiful thing to say about another human being.  I heard that over a week ago and it has REALLY made me think … are we part of the problem or part of the solution?  Do we make the people in our lives feel secure by our words and deeds … or do we hold back and keep them guessing?  I’m not suggesting in a constant false forced kind-of-a-way but in a gentle re-assuring kind-of-a-way …
Is there something physical or emotional that our partner, mother, husband, child, lover needs from us … and would it remove seconds from our life to just do it … allowing them to take a deep breath and bask, for just that moment, in our kindness!
Stephen Covey, renowned Author, Teacher and Motivational Speaker says, that in relationships both personal and professional, “the little things ARE the big things” and it is so true.  And we know it to be true, how often have we done or said something and we haven’t thought too much about it, but it has stopped the receiver in their tracks and they have said ”Thank you so much” … and you knew that in that moment, you had impact? 
I love and live for those moments, both the receiving and the giving … in fact, I’m convinced that I just live my life from one of those moments to the next magical moment, when you see in someone’s face that they feel loved!
I’m not saying make the people around us co-dependant, I’m just saying … give a little and make the people around us feel secure to be them!
What do you think?
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town


Dorothy said...

I always try to live my life treating others as I would like other to treat me. From the beginning of our relationship Ryan and I agreed that we would never go to bed at night without saying "I love you" at least once a day. Maybe just a little gesture but I seriously believe that it makes a difference. When you're open about how you feel about people it also tends to lessen feelings of insecurity or low self-confidence.

Even the way we interact with acquaintences and strangers has an impact. I will never forget the story of a young boy on his way home that very afternoon to commit suicide and just by having someone smile at him like he meant something changed his mind. The person who smiled at him did so because it was his nature to do so but to a young boy who felt unaccepted and ostricised it had a huge impact.

May we always remember ... even if it is just a smile.


What do you think? said...

Yes, Dorothy ... you SO get it ... I particularly like the part about "When you're open about how you feel about people it also tends to lessen feelings of insecurity or low self-confidence." You hit the nail on the head! When we have the courage to be honest and open, the other person - feels secure!

And you are so right ... it costs us nothing to just smile ... it might change a life!

Love you!

Dorothy said...

Love you too!

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