Are you?

So, last night on our way home, my 10 year old asked me, if the world was really going to end tomorrow? 
There was, what felt like a very long silence, but was probably only milliseconds as time stood still in our Polo and as both Paul and I were racing to answer  “What the frikkadel do we say to that?”  We both tried to answer her as rationally as possible - we could hear the real fear in her voice when she asked.  But that question time-ripped me back to high school;  1988, Std 8, English Class, second row from the door, second desk from the front, when there were lots of Nostradamus writing’s getting air-time.  I was crippled with fear around the supposition of what Nostradamus could or could not be saying in his verses.  I might add, that the debate still rages on.
It also got me thinking (again), am I ready to go tomorrow?  Are you?  As spiritual as I am, I am NOT good with death, least of all mine!  I don’t understand it, I don’t get it and I’m hoping to put it off for as long as possible – I’m loving living, more and more with each passing moment!  I find the extremity of death heart-breaking (I’m not very left brain when it comes to this one!) and there are still people that years later, my soul still misses …
The Bucket List movie sparked a list in all of us, mental or written, of things we would like to do before we shuffle off this mortal coil, but that is working off the assumption that we have the time and we know the when.  What is on your list?  Come on, I know you have one … we all have things that we want to do and achieve but are you ready to do them today and what holds us back from going out there and doing them?
I can’t help but always come back to this one … have we told those special people entwined in our golden threads, how special they are to us?  Have we kissed that child, who we were screaming at just yesterday for losing her jersey for the millionth time … hold on a second … ok, I’m back!  Have we run that marathon or half marathon we said we would?  Have we eaten that second scoop of Italian ice-cream?  I think this is as good a day as any … and just for good measure, do it all again tomorrow!
So wear that beautiful dress, those killer heals, sexy underwear and the good perfume, because today is a special occasion!  And if we are really lucky, we get to do it all over again - tomorrow!
Love you all madly …
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town


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