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A useless fact, Mother’s Day in the UK and Europe is celebrated on the last Sunday in March … and we (in South Africa) observe it on the first Sunday in May.  So what are you planning for the Mother’s in your domain next Sunday?  Any idea’s you would like to share …
I hate to own up to it but normally Mother’s Day rushes up to me and about a week before I start thinking to myself … I really need to plan something for the Mother’s in my world … this year however, it crept into my mind about a month ago and I’ve been preoccupied by this substantial title of motherhood and the wonderful maternal examples I have been exposed to, ever since.
I think there are few words in any language that evoke more of a reaction, both positive and negative, than Mother!
Just this week one of my friends embarked on this rewarding yet tempestuous journey and you can’t help but revisit the memories of when you were pregnant and regale the cute stories that your baby brightened your sleep-deprived world with.  Sadly there are 2 very clear camps on this one … those who have children and simply those who don’t.  And I don’t mean this meanly, but if you have children you truly do believe, with every fibre of your being, that everyone (on the planet) wants to know every adorable detail about your little schnoekie … with those who haven’t, simply fixing that bogus smile with that glazed over facial expression thinking get on with it so I can walk away.  Even though I am fully aware of this divide, to my absolute horror, I still find myself boring some poor unsuspecting bugger with something adorable that my youngest is currently doing. 
The other telling divide between the Have’s and the Have Not’s, is your Worry-Levels.  Someone once told me, that You NEVER EVER second guess yourself as much as you do, as when you become a parent.  Never a truer word said!  Every decision weighed counter weighed and re-decided, every thought pre-scanned for emotional damage, every cuss-word (well many J) held on your tongue for fear of little pixie using it, in context, at daycare one day to the teacher she doesn’t like.  Yip that worry-meter is well used …
In April one of my Facebook buddies euphorically and so proudly posted that her son had just passed his driver’s licence.  I could hear every mother gasp in protective panic and even the mum posted a day later that although she no longer has to play taxi, now her concerns have shifted to his safety on the roads … and every mother linked to her page completely got it!  All I could think was … does the worry ever end?
I have come to learn that the answer to that is no … the worry never ends.  My husband’s brothers are almost in their 50’s and I know my Mother-in-law worries about them all, every day.
As a mother of 2 wonderful little girls … the worry is the bit that weighs heavily on me … but my mother reminds me regularly that THAT is where I have to hold onto my faith, hold my girls up in prayer and trust that they will embrace common sense and be protected.
As I approach my 40’s and being a mum who falters daily, I know there are many obstacles we have to parent through, but I am also learning more and more that these little characters are sent, more to teach us and less for me to teach them.  I’m learning that the stretch marks I bare are my stripes of honour (just like the Army), given to me for knowing 2 wonderful little beings.  And although I have had to shelve travelling for a while, daily I get to watch my girls interpret our world.
I’m sure Mother’s Day was created by some balding dude in a suit paid by Hallmark, but commercial or not … it’s an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on all those things our Mother’s did and sacrificed for us.   Knowing now, as an adult (well almost), that nearly every decision she made … she did it with our best interests at heart … even if we didn’t see that or understand it at the time.
Mother’s Day must be hard for those whose mum’s have gone ahead … but it is still a day to look towards the sun, smile lovingly, thank her and feel her in the wind or in the soft falling rain …
And for those of us whose mum’s are still with us, it is a blessed opportunity to thank our mum’s for the millions of things that they do for us every day, large and small … while we still have them with us …                          

For all mums’ out there …
“In loving appreciation for the masterpieces you are creating, when no-one is looking”

Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday 8th May 2011Warm regardsCollette in Cape Town


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