When is it really time to say good-bye?

I’ve found myself pondering that lately.
We all have something in our world that we really should have ended by now.  A relationship?  Some group or community?  A conversation?  A habit?  A job?  A country?  Some project!  And yet we don’t …  we linger hoping against all the clear signs that things will change for the better!  At the risk of quoting P!nk  “Why do we do that?”
We either all know of someone or have experienced it ourselves, where we have stayed long beyond the sell-by-date.  It has been suggested that we do this because we are invested (either in time or emotionally) and we care.  We care too much to, what feels like to us, throwing the towel in.  AND what about the fear factor?  Are we scared?  Scared of what is out there without this current situation (better the devil you know – right?), scared of making the wrong decision, because we learn in life that wrong decisions (all decisions really) bring consequences!  We also want to be able to say, that if the inevitable does indeed take place, that we tried everything to make it work.   I believe we do this because fundamentally, we are ever the optimists; we want the best!
Sadly, I don’t have a solution to this question that filtered into my consciencesness … I wish I did!  God knows there are many area’s in my life that I am dragging my heels, but as someone once said to me “it’s because you aren’t fed-up enough yet!”   
But I have learned that nothing stays the same … and things change … and sooner or later you will be faced with that decision … the universe will present you with your options and you will have to make your decision … ready or not!
What do you think?
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town


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