Ah … the resilience of youth!   [a.k.a. Are you?  Part 2]
After the latest world is coming to an end or rapture debacle and watching this event through the eyes of my very concerned 10 year old - so much has gone through my mind.  Am I indeed ready to meet my Divine?  Have I done all the things I would like to do?  It left me with much food for thought and many comments came in via email and the blog (which I absolutely adore – thank you! - please keep the comments and conversation coming!!!)
A fabulous new collection of experiences entered my world recently and suggested I do a Part 2 to Are You?  He suggested I ask my 10 year old how she feels now that “THE END” didn’t happen.  What a fabulous idea!  Absolute genius!  So I let a couple of days pass, so as not to fixate, and nonchalantly asked her … “Sooooo what do you think, now that the world hasn’t come to an end?  How do you feel about that?”  I casually made eye contact with her.  She stopped pulling together the family vitamins (a consuming military manoeuvre) and pondered the question for a mille-second and then said “Fine!” shrugging her shoulders with a broad smile and promptly continued with her vitamin collation.  I stood in my freezing kitchen in my winter pj’s thinking … IS THAT IT???  I smiled and said “excellent” making light of the situation and continued packing lunch boxes for the day ahead but what I really wanted to do was flail around my kitchen like a crazy woman screaming “You motivated a blog (which I love) and great consternation around your fragile mental health and fine is all I got!“ … but then suddenly the penny dropped.  She had moved on!  Get Over it Mother!  I smiled at the simplicity of it all and carried on with our early morning ritual.
I am regularly reminded, by this particular child of mine, of that phrase that goes something like “our children are not sent to us so that we can teach them, they are sent to us, to teach us!”  I envy her ability to move on so quickly and this is something I am trying to bottle from her and preserve!  Is it something youth enables (like ignorance is bliss) or is it something that is wrung out of us by the scars of life?  Paulo Coelho recently posted “Be proud of the scars in your soul. They will help and teach you” … some of those scars come at quite a cost and it’s how we bounce back from them and how quickly, I believe, we collect ourselves and turn back into the wind, that’s the key!
So I send out a challenge to you for this new week … something I must and will continue to work on … bend with the reed, be resilient, take that fabulous high-road and enjoy the new scenery, let that shimmering water skim off your green tinged feathers – for it is one less thing to carry around with us …
Love you all madly …
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town


Dorothy said...

Sigh ... I too envy her ability to shrug it off and say "Fine" and mean it.

I truly believe that at some point in our lives we too had the ability as children to do that ... I think it is the inherent disinterest in adult woes that allows us the freedom of moving past difficult moments. But I also believe that life eventually beats that quality out of us as we grow older and experience more of life ... and become more aware of life. Become more aware of the consequences of actions ... ours and those of others.

I mourn the loss of that ability. I have grown into an adult consumed by worry and anguish on behalf of others. I worry about loved ones, friends and strangers alike ... people suffering the loss of a loved one, people suffering the loss of health, people suffering the loss of a job and their identity because of it. The list is endless ... Oh for the disinterest of childhood.


What do you think? said...

Thank you for the post Dot!

So, for this week ... let that shimmering water skim off your green tinged feathers ...

Let's keep trying ...

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