Controllers – who really owns them?

So, about a year ago my husband comes home and announced proudly, like he had just birthed his very own Unicorn, to a sick me … we are getting Xbox today!  I pulled the duvet over my head and prayed to every Saint in heaven, that he was a flu-drug induced hallucination … sadly he wasn’t! J
You need to picture it, 2 small children, a sick unconvinced wife and he decides, hell NO, let’s go to the other end of the Peninsula to go purchase said Xbox.  Well, at least there was a nice outing involved (which girl doesn’t love a shopping trip?).  So off to Somerset West Shopping Mall we went!
Now trying desperately to be a modern all-encompassing progressive wife, I decided, Collette you have your vices, let him have Xbox.  So the credit card was produced!
Now ALL Woman of the Now Generation, know and do not contest, that any and all remotes are the paid property of the man of the house (some things just aren’t worth fighting about!) … someone however, had not sent my children this memo.  We get said Xbox home and installed, when our then 4 year old daughter deftly removes the controller from her father’s hands and settles down to whoop Woody’s Toy Story 3 ass -  multiple times in multiple rainbow colours!
Paul has bought himself a few games but now his number one priority is finding new appropriate games for 10 & 5 year old little girls! J
Now I would be able to cope with all things Xbox if that was the end of the story … alas … the whining, bickering and crying (and that’s just me) around which game, when to play, who can use the coveted black controller (as opposed to the very acceptable cream controller), how long to play for, whether to have 1 player or 2, what colour to make BullsEye (the Horse in Toy Story 2 & 3) today – oui the options are unending!  And even that would be manageable but Paul escapes to sport on a Saturday afternoon, so I am stuck with the Green Eyed Monster (which may I remind - I didn’t really want) and 2 moaning kids and all the bickering and generally by the end of it all - there are tears! (Mostly mine!)
Anyway, a year on and Paul has barely played with his purchase … but there was a brief fun karaoke weekend with shots and sing (and oui, maybe that is for another blog) but that was good fun!  And I can’t say that the kids haven’t gotten great use out of it … I’m not too sure, what (if anything) they are learning but they are having fun!  So I suppose Sweetie, mission accomplished!  Even if you never get to play with your own purchase …
Love you all madly …
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town
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Tania & Justin said...

I guess it's a choice between the greater evil. TV is the worst, no interaction at all.

It has been proved that playing computer games DOES offer benefits ranging from increased analytical skills development to hand-eye coordination. For the kids there might even be a social benefits in terms of learning to share and effort - reward gains.

All in moderation though.

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