Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who teaches you best of all?

It was one of those weeks, when the life lessons came regularly, suddenly, thick and fast and unrelentingly demanded my full attention!  And this week, there was nowhere to run and hide! [Heaven knows … I tried …]
There is a wonderful theory that feeds the quote of “The Teacher will show up, when the student is ready” and it goes something like, all of the things that frustrate us in others are merely mirrors showing us, what frustrates us in ourselves.  That the people around us are merely hold mirrors up to us and through their actions, say something like … “but Sweetheart, you do that!  And Beloved, is that fair?  And Honey-child, is that good for you?  Or Precious, how did you add (or worst yet!) create this situation?”  It was a week of many many many life lessons, which I have no doubt in years to come, will enrich the fabric of my learning’s, but this week they stung!  However, like all life lessons, it made me sit up, and realize that no dream is realized by doing nothing!  And that the time of action is now and not next week.  Carpe Diem and all that!  We of course all know this, but the Universe has to remind us every now and then … and will continue to remind us until we so get it!
So what have I learned … I’ve learnt that we learn very little when things are wonderful (those are moments we must saver and hold close to us) but that it is only through the painful experiences in life that the largest amount of growth is seen.  Not necessarily in the moment but eventually, maybe one day out of the blue, we will look back and see the lesson and the growth … even though at the time they hurt so BLEEPING bad … and that, it’s not the stumbling that is the lesson but the getting up again and confidently, lovingly, single-mindedly striving for your goal.
So who is your mirror and who teaches you?
Love you all madly …
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town
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Dorothy said...

I am an avid follower of Dr John de Martini's works and the first time I heard the mirror theory I vehemently disagreed with the sentiment. That was my "knee jerk" reaction. Upon reflection I painfully came to the conclusion that he's right ... boy was that a hard pill to swallow. It's really opened my eyes about personality traits of my own that are accurately mirrored by others and, truthfully, it's not what one wants to "own". But it makes us stronger in the end. As you say ... life lessons ... not easy to deal with but so necessary for personal growth.

Claire said...

You have really given me something to think about. In time I'm sure I will thank you (hang head in shame)but for now, well written as always ;)

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