Seriously? The Battle of Sexes? Still?

So a fabulous friend of ours posted something on Facebook about “First for women insurance, Curves ladies only gym. What next... Have we gone back to gender discrimination? Is it even constitutional?” … I love this friend of ours because he lives to throw a firecracker into a sleeping gaggle of graduates and then watch the fall out!  This was one of those moments J … the festoon that unleashed on his Facebook page was (as expected) entertaining to witness and it did indeed, get everyone up in a tremendous frothy!
So I started thinking … what’s wrong with a little bit of girl on girl only action “First for Women Insurance” are doing really well, they insure for a women’s needs … and the last time I checked, nobody knows women better, than um er women!  And why can’t us girls go to a girl only gym, we don’t want our wobbly bits doing their gravity defying thing with witnesses of the masculine kind.  For heaven’s sake people … there must be sanctuary …
Now one could argue that for centuries, there have been many Men’s ONLY institutions (there still are)!  In 776 BC no girls were allowed to participate in the Olympics.  Golf Clubs only opened to women in the early 1800’s and Wimbledon allowed the onset of the grunting short skirt in 1884.  So maybe a little bit of us only is payback for sins of the past.  BUT as someone said on Facebook “Two Wrongs don’t make a Right!” and I can’t help but feel, he is right!  (Shhh don’t tell him J ).
I personally don’t define myself as a feminist, but then again I am the fortunate generation of women who have come along long after other women have had to struggle to claim and protect our rights.  I think it is very easy for people to say “move on, all of that is in the past, move forward”, but tell that to someone who was not allowed education or medical care based on the colour of their skin or their gender.  That platitude is hard to swallow.  I suppose I am blessed by the era of my birth, that I can say that I am an “equal opportunity for all” kind of a gal, based on nothing more than your hard work and your will to success!
I also think your “gender equality scale” is moulded by the role-models in your life and your relationships with the fabulous folk of the opposite sex.  I am very fortunate to be lovingly surrounded by so many strong, capable, funny, bold, successful, spiritual, sensual, phenomenal women, that I do not feel the need to stamp my dominance of supremacy on anyone.  And my relationship with my husband is that of complete equals.  He gives me the space to be my very bold self!
So what have I learned?  And this is my opinion, but I have learned that I do not want to be a man’s equal, we were not designed to be their equals (I know every feminist has gone up the wall, but hear me out), we were designed to be a partner (and that doesn’t limit itself to male & female relationships, that can extend to same sex unions – we all assume a role in our partnerships).  We were designed to be a compliment, no more important, no less present.  We were designed to be the cream to their coffee, the raspberry swirl to their vanilla soft-serve and to be the chiaroscuros of life …
Love you all madly …
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town
PS … Men are covered by “First for Women”, just don’t have an accident while driving because I believe your excess is a bit steep … but consider it your tax for your toilet seat transgressions J
PPS … for those wonderful people (and I truly love every one of you) out there who gave me invaluable feedback about the length of my blogs – thank you and apologies … there was just too much to say … J
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Dorothy said...

Sanctuary ... I like the sound of that! I choose not to see it as discrimination ... I choose to see it as a "something just for me" option. I adore my husband ... I am so blessed to have a truly good man, and happily spend many hours a day with him ... we work together, we play together. But every now and again I have a yen for some "just me, myself and I time. Lets be honest ... that's what golf is all about ... some testosterone ladened bonding. Why? Because we all need somewhere we can go to just be. Not be someone's mother, sister, daughter, shoulder to lean on, chef, chauffeur, nurse, etc. Don't choose to see the glass as half empty, choose to see the glass as half full. I do ...

JP said...

Hey, you have your "only women" room at the Platekloof Planet Fitness? And I have to excercise in unisex area! How terrible, all these women ogling me!!!
Ok, going there now, just need an ego readjustment :)

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