So what makes you Hooowwwwlllll???

I have to confess (it’s a Catholic thing, work with me) … I have a deep carnal fascination with the moon and it is getting stronger, as I (dare I say it) get older!
When I was younger and I first became aware of my father’s moods being affected by the full moon, I mentioned this to my BFF and the look that crept across her face was pure “FREEK” … now I am openly verbal about how my father is affected by the moon and how much I can also see this in others.  I still get the same looks from the same people (and more) … but now I don’t care anymore … and I am becoming VERY comfortable with my inner FREEK! J
A friend of mine, has 2 beautiful little girls and she firmly believes that they are affected by the moon.  Could it just be an interesting coincidence?  Well, she believes that with her girls, when there is a new moon they are hyperactive and when the moon is full they don’t sleep.  Intrigued by her Facebook post, I ran a quick poll with my own Facebook buddies (a fabulous cross-section of nutters like me, to a parliament of very serious people that enrich my life) … now besides for the FREEK stares that came through Facebook - in the friends who did not reply (which I am completely ok with) - there were many interesting comments reporting that they too had seen a correlation.  There were those who dreamt more vividly, some were more horny (this one came up a lot), one bold soul reported that she tinkled more come full moon, more headaches were reported and a general feeling of heightened irritability (I think my dad and I fall into this category).  People in the medical & policing world regularly comment how the “crazies” come out come full moon and staff in Mental Hospitals must dread full moon because they report that their residents are very restless.  I picked up my mother’s gardening magazine the other day and as true as bob there was the lunar planting cycle, when it was good to nourish, prune and plant your garden according to the lunar timetable.  I myself feel very liberated come full moon and connected to nature … So is there something in it or is it just hocus pocus?
Now for those of us that desperately need to rationalize everything … this article was featured in The Independent … ... even I find the article fabulously vague but there have been at least 5 University’s with learned people who have invested time & money in doing this research, so even they must believe that there is something in it.  Now I find that nugget interesting, a degreed, in theory, intelligent scientist researching something positively airy-fairy J fabulous!  There is hope for them yet …
So What Have I Learned?  We have all heard (many times) that we are all connected to everything and this I truly believe and no more a perfect example than us & the moon.  I’ve learned that common sense must prevail and although I don’t need to see hard cold proof or scientific evidence, a theory needs to resonate with my soul … which this does, after all I have lived closely with its evidence all my life!  And I have learned, as my mother used to repeat to me from Peter Pan as a child … “All you need, is a little faith and pixie dust”.  This is my pixie dust, faith I have … because as Josh Groban sings so eloquently in To Where You Are, “And isn’t faith believing All power can’t be seen” …
Live with Passion … and run out there and aaaaaawwwwoooooooooo ….          
Warm regards Collette in Cape Town
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Claire said...

As always, well written :-) To me, it makes complete sense ... just considering the fact that the earth's surface is 71% water and it's proven that the moon and tides are connected, why on earth would it not affect our little (compared to the massive ocean) bodies? Our bodies are after all between 90 - 94% water???
Loved the blog!!!!
Much love,
Another moon child ;)

Zenith Thinking said...

Completely resonates Claire!!! Feels very intuitive ...
And I love it ... from one moon child to another!

Dorothy said...

LOL!!! Let your inner wolfchild come out to play. If the moon can affect something as enormous as the tides why wouldn't it be able to affect us? So, when your feeling stressed and/or frustrated let your inner wolfchild have a good howl. Promise it will make you feel better. :))

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