Someone DESERATELY needs to explain this one to me … I just don’t get it!!!!!

So, I am sitting in one of my favourite restaurants, waiting for my lunch to arrive, watching the sun sharing winter rays shimmering on the water, witnessing the humbling spectacular of wild birds doing their gentle thing and enjoying a rare quiet moment with my children when, on the other side of the glass, this young man (20’ish – in theory should know better) hoiks back sputum and projects expectorant 5 metres away into a plant!  Now I ask you … please will someone explain this to me because I honestly just don’t get it! 
Is it meant to be manly, because there is NOTHING attractive about witnessing this expulsion (but then again I once watched Amy Winehouse do the same thing on international TV no less), so evidentially it is not only reserved for men, so manly is out! 
Is it an unfortunate nasal problem … then for the love of Peter Rabbit, there is medication for that and PLEASE use a bloody tissue!  And if you REALLY want to look like a gentleman, use a frikken hanky!
Is it a lack of education around HOW to blow one’s nose???  Now there is a business opportunity for someone!
And don’t tell me it is cultural because I have witnessed all colours, an array of ages, different nations and both genders doing the same thing.  Even the bloody Romans, who spat up and down the length of Europe, building roads, finally learnt that it brought disease and stopped doing it!
Now someone will argue with me that you can’t always keep a hanky on your person, bunched up over your thong, like sports men on sports field.  Well, if there is place on your person on the field to protect the family jewels there MUST be a wee crack you can slip a tissue\handkerchief into!  God knows you spend enough time on the field re-arranging the box and your creeping underwear, that we shouldn’t have to be exposed to your nasal specimen.  AND MUST the cameraman find every spitting yobbo on the sports field … I mean really!?  Seriously???
I once had the unfortunate experience of watching 2 young girls (± 14 yrs old) do it (also outside a restaurant) into the street and it is because they believe it is acceptable to do it, because their sports hero’s or the latest sports heart-throb does it!  What kind of example is this? 
So this is one of those moments when my English Colonial roots come screaming out of me and I beg for someone to PLEASE explain this to me because I am completely at a loss …
So what have I learned?  In my constant everyday search in trying to be an elevated better human being than what I was yesterday … disgusting things still get me hot under the collar (and not in a good way)!
Live with Passion …            
Warm regard Collette in Cape Town
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Dorothy said...

I definitely won't be the one explaining it to you ... I'm still trying to figure it out myself! I don't begin to even understand the attraction ... maybe someone can explain it to both of us?

Dorothy said...

Just a quick update on this very sore point ...

I am always reminded how strange the working ways of fate are. So often you'll hear or see something that doesn't happen everyday and suddenly it seems to crop up again and again. And this is such a case.

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ was talking about this exact topic and voicing their disgust. They also mentioned that it is an issue that is going to be addressed through various sporting bodies as it most definitely is not the kind of thing they want the younger generations learning from their "sporting heroes". Hear, hear, I say. The sooner the better!

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