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Whatever you want to call it;  enlightenment, consciousness, living in the now, life, your lot, your Divine path … I am currently LOVING MINE J!  I am not saying that everything in my life is 100% peachy and I haven’t always been able to say this, because for many years I have dragged around a lot of anger and resentment around actions I hadn’t taken, with a deceiving smile on my face and a chocolate in hand.  But I am working on it … and loving every second of it!
I remember watching Star Trek Insurrection (many) moons ago. There is a beautiful scene where the breath-taking Anij slows time almost completely, so that she can savour a kiss with my favourite Trekkie of all time, Jean-Luc Picard (it’s something about the Shakespearian Training).  I digress!  After the kiss and when Jean-Luc realizes that she is manipulating time, he takes in the demonstration of this moments’ beauty, a humming bird sipping nectar, water slowly trickling in the stream, Anij’s hair moving with the slightest breeze, hearing her heart beat … he says something about how people have spent a life-time trying to learn how to do this and she eloquently replies, that on her paradise Planet, they have taken a life-time to learn that it takes but a moment.  This moment of celluloid history stayed with me forever and it might even have subconsciously spurred my personal crusade to slow down our lives and to live simply. 
I’m not saying sloth away 24/7 … like The Byrds said in 1965 in Turn! Turn! Turn!, “To every thing there is a season”however, are we meant to constantly run this race, working harder, smarter, stronger, faster, longer - missing all the wonderful moments as they slip passed us on the way to our next thing, that we won’t be appreciating because we will already be planning what time to leave to get to the next thing that we have planned in our lives so that god-forbid we don’t slow down to take a deep breath and appreciate how lucky we really are.
Stephen Covey (Snr) has a wonderful tag line, “the little things are the big things” and it is so true!  That shared cup of coffee with the person who means the world to you.  Having someone who means the world to you.  A kiss from your child or the lick from your favourite furry person.  Warm hearty soup on a cold winters evening and a warm bed to sleep in.  A good belly-laugh with a wonderful friend.  Yip, we have so many people & things to slow down for and appreciate …
So What Have I Learned?   I’ve learned that life can be hard!  Hard choices and shit happens BUT, if I live in a grateful space, there is more wonderful than bad!  And if I say thank you for the little … more wonderful will be revealed.  I’ve learned to say No and I’m learning how to grapple with the guilt (this one is taking a little longer … but I am working on it!)  And I have learned to not fill our lives with busy clutter, that it is ok to slow down to read a book or write a blog or watch a movie with the people who mean the world to me!     
No better illustration of a moment caught in time, than this photo, taken just before the wave crashes on the beach … and is gone forever!
Warm regards Collette in Cape Town
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Dorothy said...

Things I've learned ... is that the only certainty in life is death. The saying goes "live each day as if it's your last". The sad thing is so many people misinterpret this to mean cram as much into each day in order not to regret not having done or seen or been or had. Sadly, that completely misses the point. As you say ... slow it down. Live in the moment, savour the moment, absorb it all through all of your senses. Life is not a race to see who makes it to the "finish line" first. It's there to be enjoyed ... and best done by living in that exact moment. It won't come around again. Oh yes it will you might say ... there are waves crashing on the beach every moment. But the point is each wave breaks in a different way, means something different in a different mood, will behave differently in different weather conditions. It has taken the longest time to come to this realisation but I guess when you reach your more "mature" years (read over 30 :P) you realise that you DON'T have to put up with all the everyday cr@p. You can say no. You find your confidence. And you learn to enjoy the small moments ... as those can lead to the bigger moments. Stop and enjoy the little pleasures in life before you run out of time searching for the big moment that never came.

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