To Tat or not to Tat … this is indeed the question … (Shakespeare would drop dead, were he not dead already, at the misuse of his phrasing)

So 40 loomith … and one of the things on my OH BLEEP! I AM TURNING 40 SOON LIST (not to be confused with my Mid-life Crisis List [I did that list 3 years ago]) … is to get a Tattoo (shhhhhh no-body tell my mother J).  I’ve been thinking about it for about 8 years now and I stare jealously at other people’s Tats lasciviously.  The ONLY reason I haven’t done it yet is because I am the biggest woes this side of the Limpopo!

So, I have been doing a bit of “research”, asking people about their art, how long it took, was it painful, why that particular piece of art, where they put their ink and why?  The last two revelations conjure the pinkest reactions (which I just love).  I love the personal stories of what my “study group” tell me about their tattoos, why they put them there and what they mean.  Some tattoo’s look fabulously hot and others are personal brands that define their lives … I love it!  I love the passion of it, the extreme sport of declaration!

So in my “research”, it’s been interesting to see people’s reactions to getting a tattoo, the evangelical left to the raucous right.  The people who say … go for it!  And the interesting (read ridiculous) preconceived ideas people have around tattoo’s!  I also love it when the quietest techno dude softly owns by saying “well actually I have 2 tattoo’s and sorry I can’t show you where” (that was a priceless moment) and I still smile at the reaction!  

I think I have settled on mine … and now to choose where …

So what do you think about Tattoo’s and if pain, money and permanent defacement was not a factor … what would you have etched to your body and where?   What defines you?

Love you all madly …          
Warm regards … Collette in Cape Town
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