What is YOUR word???

So as we raise a glass to the end of 2011, taking the time to reflect on what 2011 brought … it’s time for those annual reflections and resolutions to make 2012 a better place for both ourselves and for the people we love …
It is no secret that the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert had HUGE impact on my life … her tale really resonated within me, particularly the words she used.  And I read the book, at the same age as she wrote it.  If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you reading the book, the movie is sweet but it doesn’t do her intimate journey justice … I digress
In the book … Somewhere in Italy, Lizzy meets up with her new friends for a languid lunch and they speak about how a city has 1 word that completely describes it.  They mention Rome and agree that Rome’s word would be S.E.X., the Vatican City‘s word would be POWER.  [Cape Town’s word would be BEAUTIFUL and Joburg’s word would be WORKING – you get the idea.]  In the book, they turn THE WORD from cities to describing each individual at the table … this concept spoke to me … what would the 1 word be that describes me so completely (OMH only 1 word??) … I thought about it for a couple of hours and in the quietest whisper my word presented itself to me … EXCLAMATION!  So me!  I got it!  I live for the experiences that life presents, I almost never say no and I don’t do anything half measure (thanks to a near death experience – another blog for another time) … EXCLAMATION!  I love it … So me!
So I challenge you to a spot of homework – 2 fold …  as we lovingly look back on 2011 and thank her for all the lessons and learning’s that where presented and resolve to do things better, smarter, happier in 2012 … I ask you …
Firstly - What is the word, the single word that describes you completely right at this minute … it has to be a positive word and something that resonates within you!  It can evolve in the future, but your word right now … what is it? 
And secondly - What is the single word that you want 2012 to be for you?  What are your hopes and dreams in 1 world for 2012? 
Think about it, we have a few days before 2012 boldly kisses us on the lips … consider your options, write it on the fridge, stare at it, glare at it, challenge it … and make it happen!
So what have I learned … at the risk of me ruining a good quote … “where the heart goes, the head follows” … may 2012 resonate with your word …
I would love to hear from you … if you are feeling bold and willing to share … I would LOVE to hear what your 2 words are …

Love you all madly …
Warm regards … Collette in Cape Town

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