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So, I’ve been doing a bit of research on how to take Zenith to the next literary (read adoring crowds) level in the blogging world.  I have BIG plans for my growing blog and I am putting a BHAG out there of a million readers with hundreds of thousands of comments for each post [so like, no pressure Universe!].  (Yes Yes … my head is in the clouds but I dream in full colour and I think big – EXCLAMATION remember!).  So, polling with a few buddies and testing opinions and hooking up to a few blogging forums and scrolling through literally thousands of sites - there was an unpleasant (for me) common thread and I have heard it before and bulked at it the first time too.  I have to find a theme for the blog, that way sites will know what box oops sorry, category to put me in and then I can market to people who want to follow that specific topic … which of course makes perfect marketing sense, someone interested in golf doesn’t necessarily want to read a blog on baking (of course, unless they are a baking golfer).
I heard the suggestion for the first time about a year ago and it did indeed mould the current framework of Zenith … What I have learned … but every fibre of my inclusive nature didn’t like the idea of being forced into a content box.  I just don’t do boxes, I don’t do corners and I loathe being limited – something deep within me violently lashes out.  If you want to see my feral cat impersonation - back me into a corner.  NASTY!  And I regularly giggle when people decide for some reason or other that I have stepped out of the box they put me in and I need to get back into it … I go orbital (with a smile on my face).  In a more literal setting, when I am presented with a form and the space to put your signature in is so small that only typeface 8 would fit into it.  Not my signature - it spills out all over the lines … don’t people know that round things don’t fit into square spaces??  I mean really …
So, I mulled over it for a couple of days and I finally settled on a theme for my blog … but the Box Definition Police will not like it … my blog is about LIFE and my observations and interactions with it, as seen through my experiential rose coloured Ray Bands.  My blogs are borne (strangely enough, normally in the shower, as well you know) from the moments that life presents to me, that gives me the opportunity to try again and do better … and like I have said in the past, some days I get it right and some days (many), I don’t … but like the saying goes “I’m not perfect, but my purpose is to try anew every day!”
So I ask for a teeny weeny itsy bitsy wee bit of help (with absolutely ZERO pressure) in spreading the chronicles of Zenith and in my quest for world blog domination (evil prolonged cackle) … I ask you to please forward your Zenith link to your friends and family, spreading Zenith far and wide, like dandelions on the windy-web.  And I ask, of those who are interested, that you subscribe to Zenith using the Follow Zenith by Email link and submit your email address (preferably personal – jobs tend to come and go – but whatever works for you), at the top right of the blog.  Now, I have had some people come back to me, letting me know that they have experienced problems with this link … sadly I have noticed it too … please persevere in the interests of Zen Zenith’ness.  Your support and assistance is lovingly appreciated! 
So what have I learned I don’t like being defined by a box, even less so by someone else’s box. 
My blog is about Life and all her joys and tribulations and challenges that we are presented with … so if I really had to define Zenith (which means Highest Point or State) it would be about Life, Kids, Humour, Spirituality and few more of the strangest things …
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards 
Collette in Cape Town
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