What I LOVE about men!

I love no adore being a woman … even with all the C.R.A.Z.Y. hormones (So how do you make a Hormone?  Don’t pay her!  My absolute favourite joke ever!).

I love everything (almost) about being a girl … I love the killer heels, the sparkly jewels, the fact that we can carry a huge pouch around with the contents of our entire lives (and some) and it’s ok.  I love the unspoken benefits us girls have in those first vital 14 seconds.  I love the fact that we can carry life within us and wear fuchsia pink lip-gloss.   I love the perfume and I can even push myself to loving clothes shopping … but what I do not love about us women, is what I affectionately call The Bitch Factor!  Let me explain …

All gung-ho with the arrival of 2012 and the end of the previous festive season, I dragged my festive-indulged @$$ back to gym.  [When I swiped my entry disk even the LCD said WTF?]  All fired up, I thought I would enthusiastically embrace an Aqua class.  As I hugged the least exposed wall and tried to deposit myself in the pool with minimal wave action, I made it to the safety of gallons of warm germ-incubating water.  Slowly fellow-aquarians trickled in.  I’ve done this class before (sporadically), so I know that generally the Aqua class is populated by wonderful old biddies (read wonderful mature spirits who are warm and willing!).  One by one the sweet old mature ducks were wading into the water.  As they arrived they looked across at me and offer me this wonderful warm broad smile and said “Good Morning, Welcome, my name is Betty, Lisa, Dora, Kobus, Christie, etc” and the introductions kept coming.  I smiled back at each warm soul and thought to myself – how fabulous!  With 3 minutes to spare 2 other ladies joined the class, both in their mid-30’s.  As they joined the class … not one of them said a word, they didn’t make eye contact, nothing!  And I am not taking this personally, not to me nor anyone else in the pool.  Maybe they were in The ZoneThe Miserable Zone?  Yet again I smiled, but this time less fabulous …  [now I need to stop for a second to say less harshly, that maybe they had a million things on their mind, maybe they were wrangling with a petulant teenager, maybe they were thinking about returning to work, getting kids ready for school, purchasing uniform and stationery and getting the car cleaned, plus what would we have for dinner tonight … but it made me think of this …]
So here it is … what I love about Men … When men meet each other for the first time, they stand up and thrust a confident hand at the other man and introduce themselves.  No looking up and down and gauging weight and cup size (although I have it on good authority that there is a bit of surreptitious eye wondering in the gents! But that comes later …)  Also men can be as mad as hell with each other and then they can still slap each other on the back, bum a smoke and then go out for a beer after work with each other – no big deal.  Women can’t do that.  And I would even go so far as to say … Young Women.  Older (more mature) Women seem to have ditched The Bitch Factor!  Younger Women seem to be in some invisible competition and the first one that cracks and is nice to the other woman loses.  I just don’t understand this!  Who created this game?  And how did we buy into it? 
So what have I learned … I have observed this behaviour and unfortunately I have recognized it in myself … BUT I don’t want to live like this!  I want to be warm and welcoming to all the wonderful people I meet young and old alike.  So I am going to be conscious of this behaviour and eradicate any Bitch Factor that emerges in myself.  I once heard Iyanla Vanzant interviewed and when being asked about her now demised marriage, being pressed about her ex-husband, she looked the interviewer squarely in the eye and said “I am not going to speak badly of my ex-husband because he is now married to one of my fellow sisters” (she didn’t mean blood, she meant spiritual sister, as in we are all connected) … this resonated in me.  What a wonderful way of living!  I LOVE this about men … Zero Bitch Factor!  And I am sure there is space in my world for pink lip-gloss, killer heels and No Bitch Factor!
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards 
Collette in Cape Town
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Baby Step Dad said...

I really enjoyed this post. I've just started blogging myself, and I'm trying to find some time, and a groove. Keep up the good work. I'm going to keep browsing.

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