The Year of The Word!

I’m a bit of a sesquipedalian (how is that for a word, it’s a great word to slap around) I LOVE words!  I actually can’t help myself!  I love the way words sound.  I love the emotions words deliver and how sometimes we give too much away by the words we use.  I love the hopeful possibilities words bring and conversely I’m always taken aback by the agony they can swiftly convey in one sentence.  Words can melt your soul and they can commit you to a lifetime of therapy.  Words are powerful and I find this power captivating!
On the 23rd January 2012 the ancient cycle of the Chinese New Year will usher in the year of the Dragon, more specifically the Water Dragon or Black Dragonbut for me this year IS the Year of The Word!  I have a few personal goals for my words this year and I am determined to manifest success, but something else I am going to concentrate on is the words that hold me captive and the words that empower me to achieve. 
So often we limit ourselves by the words we use;  “I’m trying, I can’t do that, It’s not for me, getting back on the wagon, I had a bad chocolate bar, I’m on my own, my circumstances are beyond my control.”  We hold ourselves ransom by the words we use that ripple ever constantly deeper into our core, growing and enlarging our undesirable situation.  And those are just the words we actually say out loud, how much more intense are those damaging thoughts that we dare not set free (another blog for another time).  The sentence “I’m trying” sends me orbital when I hear it!  As the great Yoda said “try not, do!  We are either doing or trying but we can’t do both at the same time and it starts with our words.
As powerful as our words are with ourselves, how much more powerful are they with other people, and children even more so.  We have the opportunity to remind those special people in our lives how much they mean to us, using those much sought-after words.  We have the opportunity to share a smile and warm a soul with a giggle.  We can erotically electrify the air instantly with that smouldering whisper.  And we have the opportunity to heal a hurt that runs too deep, by saying “I shouldn’t have …”
So what have I learned … I’ve learned the Power of the Word!  I’m learning to choose my words wisely, some days I get it right and some days I don’t … but if I am really lucky tomorrow is a new day ripe with opportunity to do better!  I’ve been told that for every negative comment we have received, we need to receive 10 positive comments to counteract the toxicity of that one negative reference.  So, I’ve learned to be prolific (sincere and truthful) but prolific with my compliments, because sadly for many, we never catch up on that ratio.
So in keeping with my blog dated the 28th Nov 2011 … Zenith Thinking - 2012 - What is your word? … did you come up with a word that is all about you?  And what was your word for 2012?
So absolutely … it’s my Year of the Word!  The time is now!  The word is now!  The success is palpable …
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards 
Collette in Cape Town
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