A Ray of Hope …

The gallop has kicked it up a gear, into a full-on nitrous-oxide engaged acceleration, as we detonate into the 3rd month of 2012 … can you believe it?
At first I thought it was just me … chastising myself for allowing my world to get so overrun by drama and activity … and then slowly, one by one I heard the whispers of others that orbit my planet … how busy they are, but not just normal busy, it’s an odd obscenely extremely stretched, busting-at-the-emotional-seams kind of a busy … one by one slowly they owned to it …
Commiserating this morning with someone who looked equally as resigned as me … we completely related on an unspoken level.  Lovingly she scolded me, “where is my next instalment to take my mind off what is racing through my head?”.  I smiled and explained that tangled in my current embroilment, I am struggling to write … literally bloggers block … but then, as the day progressed I was reminded … we all need a wee bit of hope! 
It reminded me of a phrase I once heard when listening to an audio book by Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit … the gist of the message was “In the absence of something positive, we make shit up!”  I’m completely paraphrasing but that was the essence of it.  How often do we meet someone and for some reason or other their greeting is distracted or curt … we make up this whole hypothesis about maybe they don’t like you, maybe they don’t like blondes, maybe they would rather be doing business with the other guy.  When in actual fact that person is internally tortured by some terse words exchanged with their 11 year old earlier that morning.  Caroline Myss suggests that 90% of the time, it has nothing to do with us but because we didn’t see a positive flicker we take it on ourselves.  So, I ask you, what are you doing to bring hope?
I went back to PNP yesterday (like I do every weekend) … back to the salami counter, there she was again (refer to the previous blog if you are lost), this week she beamed ever so slightly less so and then she said it … she looked me in the eye and said “Welcome back - how can I help you?”  For the second time in 2 weeks, she uplifted!
So what have I learned … more of us are going through the same thing every day!  If you ever want a guaranteed pick-up, listen to an audio book, it is FANTASTIC!  It must be something about you having to concentrate on the words being said, that it quietens your own mind and somehow you park your problems.  I can highly recommend Caroline Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit and Iyanla Vanzant’s Yesterday I Cried!  And finally … I’m sending out a challenge … what are you doing to bring hope?  Just a wee little bit … or a huge big lot, whatever works for you … in your workplace, in your home, with a perfect stranger (now don’t get arrested) … like ripples in a pond, let’s make positive waves …  
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards 
Collette in Cape Town
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Dorothy said...

Brilliant blog ... as always! HUGE resonance, HUGE! and lots to chat about. Sounds cryptic, I know. But will tell all when next we can connect.

Love you madlier ... thank you for simply being you ... AND being in my life.

Heather said...

I try to be nice to people that others ignore, for example the lady that makes my coffee at the petrol station. It makes such a difference to me when I ask, "How are you today" and actually care how this "stranger" is doing. I learnt at varsity that working as a cashier is the most stressful job because people basially treat you like you are an extention of the till!

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(C) All content, unless otherwise stated, on the Zenith Thinking Blog is the Intellectual Property of ZenithThinking.