“To Teach is Great, but to Inspire is Divine … ”

This week I found myself accidentally transfixed to the “True Hollywood Story” of Giuliana Rancic (née DePandi), a guilty addition I have owned up to before.  Personally I think they pushed to create this particular THS because of the Rancic’s Headlining News this week that they are expecting a baby (their first) via surrogate.  As a fabulously impartial peripheral spectator to this unfolding story, I even made happy noises in the corner coffee shop as my eyes caught the Page 1 (no less) headline.  I was well pleased!
As any well-meaning protective stalker fan will tell you, the Rancic’s (or as I like to call them Bill & Giuliana) have had more than their fair share of misfortune.  I mean they look fabulous, happy, beautiful, rich, talented, they travel, they are both doing their dream jobs and Giuliana’s shoe collection and waistline brings out the U.G.L.Y. in me … and yet they have had to deal with so much, as they have taken us along on their journey with infertility and then Giuliana’s diagnosis of cancer.  [See what I am doing there, it’s almost as if Giuliana and I are on a first names basis {well she does have a friend called Colett} … is it weird that I know that?]
I have always loved both Bill & Giuliana, but by the end of the THS (True Hollywood Story for the E!News Virgins out there), I was seriously starting to respect this lady!  Giuliana was clobbered with the very intimate challenge of infertility, a very public miscarriage, more infertility and then the heart stopping diagnosis of Breast cancer and she is only in her late 30’s.  And still she soldiers on, no wallowing for her, Hollywood Headlines wait for no woman … they could have put the camera’s off and dealt quietly with everything, but she has come out publically and declared her diagnosis and then gone on to openly broadcast her ultimate surgery of a double mastectomy.  This girl has stones!  That is courage … its inspirational!
And so if she can overcome all that has been thrown at her, then how can I, fully functional and technically healthy, feel sorry for myself and not achieve what I want?
So what inspires you?  What makes your soul soar?  What pushes you beyond your bed-time and gets you up even earlier than usual?  What gets your @$$ to the gym, when you don’t want to.  And what pushes you that extra mile, when sometimes a nap is what you really want?
I think the answers to those questions are as varied as ice cream flavours … for some it is a beautiful vista, for some it is an ob·jets d'art, for some it’s the deep recesses of nature, for other’s it’s art, for many it’s music.  Many of us find inspiration in watching someone triumph over great adversity (much like Giuliana and like many of our own local inspirational story’s).
When researching this blog I found this wonderful quote that spoke to me … "People often say that inspiration doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”  Zig Ziglar
So what have I learned … I’m going to end this blog by fittingly quoting Bill Rancic … in one of the episodes while dealing with their infertility and Giuliana was down and tearful about it all, like anyone would be … Bill said …
“In the end it will all be alright … because if it is not alright, it is not the end”
… that quote HIT me and I thought THAT’s the spirit!  So Be Inspired!  But Better Yet, Be Inspirational!
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards 
Collette in Cape Town

Music to Inspire … Click  I Believe!  by Yolanda Adams

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