Fifty Shades … (Part 2)

“The right way to kiss a woman
is to push her up against a wall,
hold her arms above her head
and kiss her like you mean it”
I don’t know who said it but damn it resonates with me!
I’ve finished them!  (If the truth be told, I finished them last Friday night, in the middle of the 2012 London Opening Ceremony (Fri, 10pm’ish 27 July 2012 – yes, I can multi-task), but I wanted to put a bit of distance between my posts, lest you think that I was an obsessed, fixated, crazy woman with OCD or something … oh wait, you already know that …)   As Anastasia would say … I am replete!  Of course I am referring to the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James and these 3 books have had their way with me … *a dreamy sigh* …
The Author (E.L. James) has so cleverly tapped into what every woman secretly (and not so secretly) wants and try as I might I can not encapsulate that into one word … it’s the myriad of emotions which make these books irresistible, one of them being taking control vs being controlling and the journey that both of them take learning to compromise.  This theme really spoke to me, in a time when many woman are all things to all people all the time, someone else taking masterful control was pure heaven!  Even if it was just dinner reservations.  Another dreamy sigh …
I loved loved loved the way she stood her ground when she needed to, in an intelligent way, that lovingly wrestled with his insecurities but still making it clear to him that some things were not negotiable and then some were.  Ooooo and those normally ended in screaming … the best hot, steamy, panting kind.   
Possessive vs Possession another clever theme, which the author toys with, the way Mr Grey never misses an opportunity to remind both her and everyone around them that she is his, with a subtly placed hand or arm or an intimate confession.
Trust … another strong theme, in the masterful hands of a loving partner that we trust, we will literally do anything and go anywhere, even beyond our most intimate boundaries.
I had to giggle when one of our guy friends mentioned how these books have brought BDSM, which I am horrified to admit to, I had to Google for the full correct acronym … moving on … he mentioned that these books had gone “mainstream” so fast, that they had brought BDSM out of the illicit dark, making it less of a sin.  Reading his comment I blushed 50 shades of red (rather grateful he wasn’t stood in front of me) and I wrote back OH NO, I am sure it is still some kind of a sin … well it is if you do it right … but hey consenting adults and all that …
So what have I learned … Strong women, need strong men for the balance of power to be true.  Not to dominate or be dominated but because it takes a great deal of strength to be submissive, under the right kind of circumstances, particularly when it is not your natural thing. 
We all want someone to love us, particularly our dark sides … even Mr Grey!
Another thing I learned, which one of my guy colleagues point out to me (his wife was also reading the books) … as fabulous as the books are … it is indeed FICTION!  He did make me laugh … so true!  This is some other woman’s wild fantasy of her dream guy.  OH MY HAT and what a guy!  Thank you EL James for a great read … and what on earth am I going to read now …
Wickedly yours … Love you all madly …               
Warm regards on this FREEZING HOT Winter’s Day …   
Collette in Cape Town

I’m keeping the song … it still works so much, even more now!                 
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Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson

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