I’m Late! I’m Late … for a very important date!

I'm SO late!  I need to catch up!  I need to get going yesterday or else EVERYTHING will be spoiled!  I need to make lists and plan and create and bake and shop and cook!  Why Christmas of course people, and we only have 85 short action days left (30.09.2012) and counting!  [Here’s a handy link to stay on top of your planning Christmas 2012 Count Down!] Pearls here people - Pearls!

I normally start in July'ish (seriously July) with a few random thoughts around what we might make this year!  Making some of our Christmas gifts started over 20 years ago when Paul and I first started dating, armed with our (my) very long list, out of financial necessity, we started making some of our gifts!  It can be fun and it makes things a little more personal as opposed to dashing out to your local Mall (not that I am opposed to a spot of Mall’age).  So like I said, our list is long ... Very Long ... And secretly I wouldn't have it any other way! (No-one tell Paul)
The Christmas carols start around early September (done) and by the first week in October my list has been printed, “making gift” has been planned, first Festive Parties are in the Calendar and we start discussing who’s house we are doing what at with my folks and the out-laws (done, done, done and not-done yet … see how delayed I am – oh the panic!).  By the time early November arrives I am off and in full present purchasing\making mode!
Yip I LOVE EVERYTHING about Christmas ... ABSOLUTELY EVERY LITTLE THING!!  We (I) immerse myself in EVERY little aspect of it, both the shiny tinsel and baubles and the deep spiritual connection to my faith!  (Please nay-sayers, resist emailing me to point out that Christmas has its roots in a Pagan festival (I know) and that Jesus wasn't actually born on the 25th December (I know) ... That fight discussion is for another blog … and besides, don't confuse my fantasy with the truth!)
So back to the fabulousness of Christmas … This blog was sparked this week, by a wonderful friend of mine sending me this link … http://christmas.organizedhome.com/ … hopefully it can help you too and provide you with some Fabulous Festive Tips and Tricks!  And some of the recipes look YUMMIE!
So what have I learned … I think the key to a relaxed enjoyable Christmas is a mountain of planning and lists, good family and friends (without too many reminders of why you love them)!  Watching the excitement on the kid’s faces as we put up the Christmas tree and trim the house in its Festive adornment!  Lazy days in the kitchen, making cookies for Father Christmas and watching every Christmas movie I can get my hands on.   Oh and this year … we have a chimney, I’m going to have SUCH fun with the kids and that …
Planning is Paramount because the Gift is in the Giving!  Oh and lots of festive alcohol (we can always detox in Jan).  No-one cares if they get a crispy canapé, if they are well pickled with Christmas Punch *hick*.
Best I get planning then … Lovvvieeee you phone your mother …
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town  

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