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Twas the night before departure and all through the house, we were tripping over boxes, even the mice! (work with me we didn’t actually have mice) I hope Clement-Clarke-Moore won’t mind me borrowing his words ... But that is exactly how it felt ... Pre-Christmas like!  Conspiratorial!  Exciting!  Expectant!  Nervous!  Happy … with a little twinge of sadness of what our first house had meant to us ...
That house (I’ve dubbed #1 [very deep and very Star Trek of me]) was our first home and as some of you might know, we have finally moved!  We arrived as 3 and we left as 4!  #1 had been our safe haven for 10 good years, never a thing happening to us in the house, even with the locale having a checkered reputation.  #1 protected us through long power outages, through a couple of elections - when we could hear the toi toi'ing deep into the scary night of the local "informal settlement" (for my international readers Toi Toi’ing is a Proudly South African thing that we do when we are not getting our own way, normally with politically undertones and preferably as loudly and passionately as possibly when there are television camera’s around … but I don’t do Politics so back to the House).  #1 bravely faced every raging South Easter and every wintery storm (we are not called the Cape of Storms for nothing) … she nursed my kids and witnessed our fights (and what came afterwards …) … so it was with misty eyes I cuddled her goodbye, wishing her next occupants the same warm protection, getting in my car and driving away … not looking back!
This move has been incredibly invigorating and cathartic!  Stripping away the old and making way for the new!  If truth be told, we should have done this 2 or 3 years ago but we had been putting it off … but everything in its perfect universal time … right?  So we have been culling, boxing, cleaning out, giving away and throwing out for what feels like months.  It has literally been a life changing spring clean!  I had to smile at the synchronicity of it all … our planned moving date was the 1st September … for us in the South, the first day of Spring … New Beginnings! 
I have a very bad toxic habit of holding onto things (and people) long after their so-not-healthy-for-me-date and I’ve spent a large portion of my life looking back and living in regret (another blog for another time)not anymore!  This move has given me conscious permission to examine areas of my life and shed that which is no longer serving a healthy purpose for me!  Over the last couple of months we (I) have had a wonderful opportunity to decide if something (or someone) would be coming with us into this new phase of our lives.  Quite empowering!  And it is … OK!
So what have I learned … I heard a quote once that said something like “if you only have one breath left, use it to say Thank you!”  So I thank our first little home (#1), lovingly … and now, not looking back, moving forward I look ahead to the new exciting experiences to come!  We are L.O.V.I.N.G. our new home (#2)! 
I’m also learning how important it is to regularly take stock and remind myself of what is important and what needs to be gently let go of, allowing it to fade away onto the wallpaper of our lives … there are moments that are difficult but it is absolutely necessary!
So, what is no longer serving you healthily?  What area can you weed and prune back … that which no longer serves you?  I would love to hear!  And then next steps … what are we going to do about it?
… now if only I could find my earrings??
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

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Great Post ... love you!

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