Ok!  So, I’ve just come back from a grown-up (well almost) birthday party and 2 of the invitee’s made the birthday girl a stunning birthday cake, I was really impressed, as I am sure both of them are pressed for time and one of them has a newborn … Impressive!
The culmination of a few events lately perc’ed this blog, which brought me to the conclusion that TIME is the new commodity of the future, kind of one of the most precious gift to give!
Recently I had to take our youngest to a medical super-specialist.  This guy is at the very top of his game, he has quite an international rep and I was very pleased (and prepared) to tender for his expertise … I can’t however, say the same for his time keeping.
Now, I know this man studied well hard and probably really long, and he must have worked really hard to get to the top of his game but from the rates I paid (cash) and the number of people waiting in his waiting room, surely he could invest in an expensive watch!  I mean for heaven’s sake the mall is literally across the road!  Every time we went (3 times so far) he has kept us waiting for precisely 45 minutes after our scheduled appointment.  45 minutes???  Seriously???  Didn’t I do my bit, didn’t I book 6 weeks in advance, didn’t I arrive 5 minutes before our allotted timeslot, I brought stuff to keep the 7 year old busy (and quiet) for any potential delays.  And still 45 minutes each time … so I have waited in his rooms for 2 hours and 15 minutes additionally to the actual appointment, and the actual appointments took exactly 10 minutes each time.  We anticipate a short not-quite-on-time thing when waiting for Doctors, particularly those that deal with walk-in emergencies, but he is not that kind of Doctor … so I thought to myself … hold on a second Collette, you must be missing something somewhere?  Is it ok for me (and both of my kids) to wait for a well-paid, well-learned, well-respected Doctor who will provide my child with the best care possible?  Can you put a time-frame on good health?  Is he more important than me … I suppose at the time, that answer would be yes.  But is my time less valuable than his?
In a time when we are “reading” books on CD in the car to cut down on that pesky dead time we spend sitting in traffic, to make better use of our time.  “Eating” (drinking) our breakfast in the car fooling our bodies into thinking that was breakfast (on the go)!  Talking to someone while flicking through our messages on our phones.  Putting our make-up on in the car (only at red lights of course).  Planning the day ahead in our heads in the shower … seriously 45 minutes x 3 is huge! 
Ok, so let’s turn this positive …
From a different angle … yesterday I met a wonderful older women at a lecture and she said to me that aging and her time “left” has been a great motivator, giving her a great thirsting for her spiritual journey … I thought what a wonderful way of looking at it.
So what am I learning … as always, it’s what we do with it and how we handle it that counts!  At a time, when time feels like it is absolutely at a premium (some) people are able to mould it, taking a pinch of love, an ouce of grace and a slice of their precious time to make someone a beautiful birthday cake … this truly is one of the most precious gifts we can give someone and indeed ourselves … Our undivided time!
Love you all madly …    
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce
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Martha Brettschneider said...

Just discovered your blog -- terrific! I just blogged this week about how I protect time for the most important parts of my day (meditating, running, writing). Check it out if you're interested at www.marthabrettschneider.com. I'll look forward to reading your posts going forward! Martha

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