2012 - Out with the old …

So ok, it’s that dubious time of the year between Christmas and New Year, when we lovingly kiss 2012 goodbye and make all sorts of wonderful plans for a better 2013!      

Well NOT ME!  NOT THIS YEAR!  HELL NOI CAN NOT WAIT to drop-kick 2012 right out of my cosmic memory banks!  I want to violently drown that Year of the FRIKKEN Water Albatross in the Lake of Miserableness and never go back there EVER EVER again!  2012 was undiluted hell for me!  It started at break-neck pace in a cheap and faulty pressure cooker and it never let up for a second.  On the other hand – 2012 did bring me many learnings (I know, I know – I am supposed to be grateful for those, and I am, really – honest - but I am saying it through gritted teeth).  2012 also measured out some blessings, and for the blessings (and reluctantly I add – the learnings) I am very thankfulbut there were many days when the discomfort of it all outweighed the wonderfulness’ness … nope I can’t wait to see the back of her Mayan mis-predicted, demanding, ungrateful fat @$$!

Well then … now that I got that off my chest … it is that time for reflection!  The year that was, and all that good stuff!  You might remember that I challenged you in the blog post What is your word for 2012? a few days before 2012 started.  I’m going to do the same thing for 2013 (and probably annually!).  It’s a good visualization!  An interesting exercise as it were … however, I must not have been doing it right or not visualizing correctly (or something) … that, or my plans for 2012 were pegged a little unrealistically (probably if I know me, forever the dreamer), because my word for 2012 was SUCCESS and it was specifically nailed to writing.  Now to be fair I can’t berate myself too harshly, there was success but not quite as I had envisaged (read hoped).  There were a few other areas where I did experience success, but like I said, not quite as I envisaged. 

So all of that aside … out with the old … I can’t go back, no matter how much I wish I had done certain things differently or handled situations in a dissimilar fashion.  Nope that ship has sailed, sunk and disappeared deep down into the Mariana Trench!  BUT a new year full of renewed promise and opportunity lies ahead of you and I … so before we can plan what we are going to do differently in 2013 (In with the New – watch this space)how are we going to let go of the hurts (not the learnings) and ditch the baggage we have collected along the long and twisted road of 2012?  (And hopefully a bit more from previous years … )

So what have I learned … I have learned that I can’t hide behind food and a good glass of Merlot any longer!  I need to re-channel my habits into something more constructive and healthy for me!  Of course I knew this, but this was a make or break year …

I’ve learned That in God we Trust, but tie up your camel!  I love this saying … I must do my very best with the right intensions and then leave the rest of the situation in God’s Hands!  Doesn’t it sound so easy?

I’m learning to notice my words, because my words are my barometer for what is happening in my head!  (oh so many voices)

I’m learning to be grateful and thankful, even for those hard learning moments.  It’s easy to be thankful for a beautiful experience, less so when it is something that is poking a finger in your eye … but for some 2012 was indeed the end of their world, so I thank 2012 for her revelations …

So!  Homework Task
what is your word going to be for 2013?  Remember the criteria?  It has to be a positive word and something that speaks to you for 2013.  One single word that you want 2013 to be for you?  The one word that encapsulates all your hopes, desires, needs and dreams for yourself for 2013?  You get the idea … Think about it, I’ll leave it with you for a couple of days … we will come back to it!

Love you all madly …    
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town  

Song of the Post …
Stronger! By Kelly Clarkson


Janine Huldie said...

This one is so very tough Collette, because I am a talker and can narrow anything down to one word, but if I had to I like to feel I accomplished all I set out to accomplish. So my word would be accomplishments!! Thanks for setting that goal on the table for me :) Seriously, great post and love your humor infused into this, too!!!

Zenith Thinking said...

Janine Huldie I am SO with you ... why say in 3 words what you can say in 50 - right! Absolutely! But I like this challenge! I like it - Accomplishments ... but I am going to (nicely) press you to be even more specific?!? Can you refine the accomplishments? No pressure of course ... :-))
Warm regards
Collette in Cape Town - Zenith Thinking Blog

Dorothy said...

Nice one! But then, I pretty much love all your posts.

At your prompting, at the end of last year, my word for 2012 was "achieve". And did I ever! While it was a year of intense lows and some subtle highs, much was achieved. I learned any number of new skills and life lessons. As a family, we sat down and selected our personal word for the year. And then we created a family phrase for the year from those personal choices. Our personal words were: SUCCESS, ACHIEVE, BELIEVE. Our family phrase to come from that was: "When you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE SUCCESS!!!"

So, now we will repeat the exercise and see what we come up with this time. :)

So, what's your word for 2013?

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