Making a List, And Checking it Twice!

So this is the prequel to a blog I plan to post (God willing) around July\August of 2013 … for that is when I will start my Christmas 2013 planning & preparation (seriously).  I know, I know … ever the planner!  I think I mentioned before that I am compulsively pro-activebut I feel the need to go all Vestal Virginian (I considered virgin – but really!) on your @$$, to evolve, to grow, to develop, to progress, to improve on this Christmas (which was fabulous) and right this minute with the learning’s fresh in my mind … now is the time!  
  • Update Christmas Present List – now … revisit in July and then final tweaks in October 2013!      
  • Make a food list for each event – and this year stick to it!            
  • Make one event completely catered in!  (Sanity is a must at this time of the year)           
  • Collette, you do not need yet another Hor d' oeuvers!  
  • No trifle next year – find a new dessert – this one has been done to death (BY YOU)!   
  • When it comes to food, less is more!  (heaven forbid someone leaves my house hungry)              
  • Turkey is not required – think outside the box [and scratch the concept of a Turducken from your mind]
  • No-one (and I mean no-one) eats fruit mince pies, Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding – do not buy any of them!
  • Less is absolutely more about everything at Christmas time except for alcohol and streaky bacon.           
  • When it comes to Streaky Bacon refer to the rule above and purchase twice as much as your husband will allow you to purchase, when you see it – because the stores will run out and not re-stock!  
  • Note to self – plan that Christmas Winter Holiday – the heat almost killed you!  (In which case, all of the above will not be required)
So what have I learned … Ok, I’m sure if I follow those notations over the 2013 Festive Season, things will be improved!  Someone, please remind me and hold me to it!
What are you going to do differently over the 2013 Festive Season?  Look forward to hearing …
Love you all madly …HOT regards …
Collette in Cape Town  
Song of the Post … Grown Up Christmas List!   by Amy Grant


Janine Huldie said...

Every year we say we are going to spend less next year. Guess what? That never happens. Seriously, I give up writing these types of lists, because I always end up doing the same old thing anyways, lol!! Seriously, love the alcohol and streaky bacon though :) :)

sharleen deacon said...

true story but we never stick to it... love you blogs

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