Merry Christmas to Everyone and to All a Goodnight!

There is something enchanting about the 23rd December for me, that holds a magical silent moment before the deep dive into the fabulous festive mayhem that the next couple of days will bring.  The quiet before the storm, as it were.  The day for me when all the presents have been purchased (and hopefully wrapped), all the menus have been planned, all the food has been purchased (as the fridge and cupboards groan under excess and every year we tell ourselves that we won’t buy so much next year). 

Somewhere around 3pm’ish I need a moment to steady my sanity and quietly plan the next 2 or 3 days of military precision.  Where I consult my lists (you know I have them), check the tags, get the de-thawing order sorted in my head and normally have a mild panic about whether we do or don’t have enough to drink … (I can’t lie, I’ve been known to drink heavily to make the people around me more interesting) … So here I am, collecting myself … publically …
The 23rd December also kicks off our official SERIOUS Christmas Party Season in our house.  A tradition we started with friends of ours years ago and the 23rd December - every year - is dedicated to this friendship of shared recipes, good food, the best Pavlov a south of Lapland, and even more laughter.

So as this 23rd December (looks like the Mayans were on the good shizz) dilly-dallies by what have I learned … money comes and goes, it’s not about the presents! (Well maybe one or two nice sparkly items)  BUT it’s about the people that are there for you year in and year out.  It’s about the people who know that love and true friendship are about realizing that they hold your soul in the palm of their hands and make a conscious effort, to do no harm!
This is the time of the year when we hold the special people just a little closer and cuddle them tight.

It’s when we remember those not at our table this year and hold them in our prayers.
It’s when we say thank you extra especially hard … because really, we have so much to be thankful for.

So as Tiny Tim said … “Merry Christmas to Everyone and to All a Goodnight.”
Love you all madly …    
Merry Christmas Everyone … let the Festive Mayhem begin …                   
Collette in Cape Town  

Song of the Post … Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Michael BublĂ©


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