2013 - In with the New … A Red Lipstick, Red Knickers, Red Heels and a Red Letter Year!

So … here we are 2013!  I turn 40 this year and I think I am over it already!  40 is HUGE – no-one can deny that!  Mentally, physiologically, chronologically, psychologically, crows-feet’edly, the City Fire Department have been put on standby for Candle Abuse!  The debate rage’ith on … do we Party or do we not Party?  Do we overseas trip or do we ensuite bathroom?  Not whether we Tat (a given), but what and where? 

So somewhere between yesterday, the day before and today or was it the day after that … it doesn’t really matter I suppose … whilst indulging in my not-so-secret fetish of programs that are everything foodie!  It hit me!  I have got to own the @$$ out of this year - entering the Naughty Forty’s!  (Like I need any encouragement to mis-behave …)

So I decided right then and there … 3’s are good to me!  I believe there is a 3 in this year!  So, this year, for me is going to be a
Red Letter Year … it has been so decreed!  I have BIG @SS plans for this year ahead and I intend to achieve every single BIG one of them!  Have you made your own list!  Work with me, make a list (check it twice), put it on the fridge and at the end of 2013 marvel at how many you have achieved … you will be surprised!  After all, isn’t that what the fabulous Dr Phil says (think heavy southern accent) “You have got to name it, to claim it!”  So NAME IT!

So together with a
Red Letter Year, I’ve decided that it is going to be a Red Lipstick, Red Knickers (hey why not, 40 not dead right!) and Red Heels kind of a year … time to own it … take courage because I have not been given a spirit of fear and this year I AM OWNING IT!

So, what is your word for 2013?
  Last year I didn’t reveal my word until the year was over but this year I am putting it out there so everyone can clearly see my intensions and hold me to it!  My word for 2013 is … WRITE!  This is the year!  At every possible opportunity, to make my dreams a reality!  It has been so decreed!

So what have I learned …
I’ve been told many times that as we traverse that self-imposed hurdle of turning 40 (when, in truth, many of us have more years behind us than ahead of us) that somewhere in there we ditch the guilt!  I’m getting much much much better at it.  Is it completely gone?  No!  I don’t think ZERO-Guilt-Land is healthy!  But I am getting better at it!  So fewer apologies …

I’m armed with 6 new fabulous
Red Lipsticks (I might have to go source a couple more – no-one tell Paul), which have the most fantastic names like;  Are you Red-dy?  Ho Red!  Ruby in Gold.  Scarlet Red.  Vivacious Me!  Love them!  They are big bold gutsy colours that couldn’t recede, if they wanted to!

And if you can’t live with my enthusiasm and zeal for life (induced by a near-death experience) … then with a strong warm loving cuddle and a kind smile from me … you know what you can do …

40 be warned!  I’m coming to get you and this year, I am going to have my way with you!

Love you all madly …    
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town  

Songs of the Post (I just couldn’t decide and they are both so poignant) 
Wonder!  Naughty Boy - Wonder ft. Emeli Sandé and   Catch my Breath by Kelly Clarkson


Dorothy said...

LOL!!! And there she is ... my bold "sister-of-the-heart"! Love you madly.

I fully agree! It is, indeed, going to be a BIG year. One I have every intention of wringing dry for every opportunity, experience, lesson and insight I can get out of it. Together I believe we're going to blow 2013 away.

Forty-smorty ... life is just beginning. Now is when you come into your own ... AND own it!

I say "BRING IT!!!"

Janine Huldie said...

Oh this was great Collette and seriously believe you will own 40. Thanks for linking up today at our blog hop, too!! :) :)

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