Here's to the Lover's!

Ok, so I might have to take it back!  I have come to see that I might actually be one of those strange people who kind of scarily watches people … because recently I have found myself inundated by Lovers.  Voyeuristically speaking of course!  Couples, couples - everywhere!  Everywhere I look, there they are … Lovers in the shopping centre, Lovers in a restaurant, Lovers holding hands in church, Lovers on TV, Lovers in the book I am reading, people trying not to be lovers, folks rekindling with their Lover, Lovers on the phone, Lovers trying so hard to keep their hands off each other in public (failing horribly), Lovers in the traffic on the way to work, people who want to be lovers, people who can’t and people who won’t.  I have secretly smiled recognizing the nuances that electrifies the interaction.  It’s a very specific sight … and when you have witnessed it … you know
A couple of months back, sitting in a coffee shop, making sure my kids weren’t getting tomato sauce all over their cuffs, a couple caught my eye to the right across the restaurant … it was beautiful to see!  She had ordered 2 cups of tea and they were sharing a slice of something wicked.  She was lovingly looking into his eyes and putting milk and sugar into his tea cup.  What touched me was the fact that they must have been in their late 80’s.  He was ailing and much slower than her and she wasn’t fussing over him or belittling him or rolling her eyes, she was patiently waiting on him to park his zimmer, sit down and enjoy his cup of tea with his bit on the side.  I loved it!  It was beautiful to watch!  They were dancing in each other’s company, that dance that you can only do when you have loved someone for so long that you do not know how to be alone.  I looked on with great admiration, that I think my husband told me I was staring!

Then there were the lovers that couldn’t wait until they got home – restrain themselves they did, but we all knew that we were in the way.  And even we were keen to wrap up our interactions with them for fear of someone combusting spontaneously.  That one really made me … smile!

Then there was the time while trapped in the car by our children, road works and a long distance.  Our child that says 3 words a year (obviously not her mother’s child) exploded and got the last 12 years of 7000 unspoken-pent-up-words-per day all out in that one car trip.  As we listened to her regaling tweenage angst (that Shakespeare would have been proud of) I crossed the handbrake, touched my lovers leg, he looked from the road to me and without either of us saying a word our eyes silently (and ashamedly) beseeched for the story to end.  You would be proud of us, we lovingly let her ramble on, making the appropriate noises when required … but our eyes told a story that evening, of unspoken understanding.  No words were needed.

There is no denying it, everyone loves that hot and heavy phase in the beginning when you can’t keep your hands off each other … but there is something to be said for that unspoken silent understanding.  That instant understanding that something is wrong or that your partner is happy, hurt, upset, worried or horney.  That look!  It brings comfort to know that you share that bond, and that you know someone so well that words are superfluous.  I love that!

It’s that relationship where you can sit in silence and enjoy the nothingness together.  It’s that relationship where you can go to a dinner party and spend the entire evening just talking to each other, blocking the rest of the room out, as rude intruders.

So what have I learned … I’ve learned that it looks like I might actually be a people watcher after all!  I love watching that body language, where their face betrays their true feelings.  I love it!  I never thought I would say it, but sometimes words are superfluous to the story and sometimes it unfolds wordlessly.   I love it!  And I love knowing someone so well that the silence speaks a million unspoken words … and it’s ok! 

So cheers to the Lovers, may they long be unashamed of showing their fondness for another human being … after all, actions speak so much louder than words!  Be bold!  Be unashamed!  Be Loved!

Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

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Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Elderly couples like that are awesome! We loved upstairs form an older couple back in WA. The wife was suffering from Alzheimers, but her husband, who was ailing physically due to an old war injury to so good care of her. I have learned a while ago that they both have passed.

Zenith Thinking said...

Hi Stephanie ... thanx for popping by ... it's true, it is beautiful to watch hey. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

This is so close to my heart at the moment as you know,
I was too scared to go down that road again.....but strange things happen at any age......even if it was only for a short time,I would not regret one minute of being in love again.......and daring to tiptoe down this lane.......................Lorraine.x

Elias Zanetti said...

This is exactly what writers and novelists do... some say all the time :)
Nice post!

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you Lorraine! I am also so glad you dared to tiptoe down that road ... enjoy every second ...

To Elias ... I believe you are right! I will be doing more observation going forward. Thank you for poppping by.

Warm regards

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