Ten out of Ten!

Last night hubby and I went out on a long overdue “Date Night”!  It isn’t something we do often (enough) because, as social as I am, we are both home-bodies and now that the girls are getting older they usually tag along to most things we plan.  But like the importance of spending quality time with ourselves, and quality time with each of our children to nurture that individual relationship … nurturing that special relationship that hatched those kids, I feel … is even more pivotal! 
So hubby colluded a plan for him and I to go out on a Friday night - nog al!  Our child-minder safely installed at home, we could turn our attention to the evening and each other!  I think the movie of Iron Man 3 in 3D was meant to be the main attraction!  I mean seriously, what is not fantastic about Robert Downey Jr in a tight designer T … that’s yummie on a stick any day of the week and indeed the movie was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. but the prelude eclipsed the movie as the evening took a dip into tasty time travel!
So … many of you don’t know that my very very very first blog was on a food site, where I thought I would try my hand at covering all things food, restaurant and ambience (the last 2 need to be said in a thick French accent) … but I think only my mother, sister and husband read those - I digress … so here goes …        
So before we donned those sexy 3D glasses, we went for dinner at Joe's Easy Diner  in Canal Walk in Cape Town (my apologies to my international readers – this one is very lekker and local!). 
We were met at the door by a friendly waitress dressed in Red and Black and as we crossed over onto the black and white checker-board tiling on the floor, we were transported back into 1950’s America.  I smiled and thought … quaint.  It was clean (a huge plus for me), bright (I get the willies when eateries dim the lights, for me - it smacks of not creating the mood so much as hiding the plates) and new’ish!  We were shown to our red vinyl booth, with those classic paper napkin holders and those sugar containers with the diagonal spouts (clever branding – my mind was ticking over).  We were handed our slim A3 laminated menu with bold Red and Black typeface offering us Shakes, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Smokey Joe’s and Desserts that would send Stacey right over the edge!  I had been warned, either come hungry or share.  The portions are stereotypically HUGE.  The milkshakes are DIVINE and the flavours traverse classics (Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla) to the adult exotics (Mocha, Dom Pedro’s & Oreo Cookies).   Paul and I shared a Mocha milkshake (and I will be doing the stairs A LOT this week) and we ordered a Hamburger each with a portion of chips to share between us (Paul ate most of them … honestly – NOT!).  I had something I had seen on the Food Network called a Smokey Joe Hamburger and Paul had a Red Hot Chilli Burger!  With our food ordered, I started looking around … taking in the ambience.  A smile curled my lips, as my ears came alive, because the time warp extended to the music from the 50’s – like sitting in a Diner in American Graffiti  (if you don’t get it – click on the link and Google it – OMH I feel old even having to explain that!).    It was wonderful!  Paul said the only thing missing, was the waiters were not on roller-skates (me thinks that is a job requirement too far).  There were snappy slogans on the walls that read stuff like “If you are smoking in here, you better be on fire!”  That one made me laugh, and “If you can find a better Diner to eat at, go eat there!”  Confident – I love it!  Our milkshakes arrived in a LARGE steel container and we both had a large glass of its DIVINE contents.  While we enjoyed our shakes, I turned to watch the theatre in the kitchen behind me.  I loved watching it and this kitchen spoke to my Foodie Soul.  There was a large open, well lit, transparent, silver kitchen that reminded me of one of those American airstream caravans!  Open for all of us to see and CLEAN!  Did I mention how this completely speaks to my OCD habit.  CLEAN people!  Clean!  I didn’t realize watching the kitchen was weird until our waitress headed over with concern etched across her face … “is everything ok?” she asked, “yes” I laughed … “I’m just watching the kitchen!”  She said “ok” hesitantly, bemused with “FREEK” etched across her face.  We laughed!
Our burgers arrived and god bless our cotton socks!  They were HUGE, and as is customary with Paul and I, we always give the other person a portion of our food … we call it Share Share … like we are 6-year olds!  Like I said … it works for us!  In some of the best restaurants in Cape Town, we have shared a coffee.  It's one of our things ...
With South Africa, and indeed the Worlds current “managing” the “meat crisis” I was so pleased to see a hand-made (not processed) meat burger patty.  I don’t care what it was … IT WAS DIVINE!  The food was fresh, the taste was fantastic, it was cooked fresh (and to perfection), right before my airstream eyes, the salad and garnish were fresh (and could actually be eaten), the place was clean, the taste was good and the service was excellent!  In a time where service wobbles between shocking and moderately tolerable … this place was knocking the rest out of the park!!!
You should know that I DO NOT DO CHAIN FOOD PLACES!  Like ever!  Ok like 99.987658797% of the time.  Many of my friends would say that I am a RAVING food snob, I prefer to think of myself as “particular about what I put in my mouth” (all the men reading this, stop giggling).  So, I highly recommend going to Joe’s Easy Diner in Canal Walk in Cape Town for a fully authentic, fantastic family evening out, where you will actually get good food, made right before your eyes and fantastic service!  And I don’t know about you?  But I don’t mind spending a bob or two more, when I know I am getting quality and in Joe’s case - quantity!
So, the next time you find yourself in Cape Town, give Joe’s Easy Diner a try … hopefully you will also enjoy a fantastic experience … and then you can always go to a movie afterwards too if you like … but the main attraction will be the ambience and the experience of Joe’s!
Enjoy!  This place got 10/10 from me and it made my Foodie OCD Soul Soar!  Well Done Joe’s!
Love you all madly!Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town
Song of the Post … Chantilly Lace By The Big Bopper
PS - again I apologize to my International Readers, but if you find yourself in Cape Town ... you know where to go ...


Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Glad you had such a great night out! We have an American 50s diner just a few miles from our home.. I might ask the Mr. to take me out there pretty soon ;-)

Ida Mae West-Simone said...

"These happy days are yours and mine
These happy days
Are you sure it wasn't called 'Arnold's'? and The Fonze wasn't in his (men's room) 'Office'?
HOLY NOSTALGIA - that was awesome. I was waiting to hear about Joanie and Chachie...wait a minute...are you Joanie?

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