FTSF (it is still Friday right?) – The Hardest part of my day is …

Oh boy, such a good question!  What is the hardest part of your day???               

Instinctively I wanted to say it’s that hour before Red Wine and too late for chocolate … but then the more I thought about it, and as much as that hour does indeed challenge me greatly … it isn’t the hardest part of my day.
The hardest part of my day is … the time before I get into the car to go to work in the morning!  Yes indeed, those 2 hours (if I have done it right) are REALLY HARD!  So much to do and it sets the tone for the rest of the day …
So in a perfect world, this is my perfect morning … The alarm goes off at 4.50am (yes, indeed I did say that) and I bounce out of bed like a nubile 18 year old.  Its summer, so the sun is cresting in Cape Town and the early morning is beautiful!  Hubby and the kids are snoring like the adorable little cherubs that they are (asleep) and I have the house to myself for an hour or so.  I flick the kettle on for some self-righteous herbal tea and then I settle down to 30 minutes (or so) of meditation or Mind-Power … to set the tone for the day.  You know the one, that lovely calm, let me try not to kill a colleague tone.  
All blissed out on meditation, I head out into the garden to “ground” myself (aren’t I the little earth, wind & fire flower) by watering the garden bare-foot (in my PJ’s), scaring telling the fish how wonderful they, feeding the birds and filling the bird bath before the summer sun blisters the cement.
Then it is into the house to flick the kettle and the bedroom lights on, to wake the monkeys at 5.50am, so that they gently filter awake with the subdued light of an eco-bulb, before hubby’s tickly fingers (I would have to kick him in the head if he did that to me every morning & and yes, I can get up there!).   So the kids quietly and peacefully rise to tea.  I’m in the kitchen humming a tune as I prep lunch boxes, make our breakfasts, pull all the morning vitamins out and pack my high protein salad lunch and snacks - to fuel my talent-filled day!  Our oldest child feeds herself (bless her) and today junior knows exactly what she wants for breakie and hubby sorts out that solution.  Lunch is packed for all of us, tea is made, vitamins are out, meditation done, fish are happy and we have a nice calm house.  I meander off to my bedroom to select the perfect (with a hint of sassy) professional outfit and then head off to a shower, where I am left in peace to enjoy the rain of hot water and wait silently for inspiration!  As the water falls over my body, I say my morning prayers and give thanks for my many blessings, plus chant my morning affirmations, while I brush my teeth and even managing to shave my legs, in the solitude of being left alone to enjoy my shower.  Heaven!     
Rosy out of the shower, I leave the bathroom to witness both girls almost dressed (without prompting), perfectly in PT clothes (the easiest day of the week) quietly on their own, with no fuss and a big smile, there might even be a quick “mum you are the bestest ever” thrown into this fantasy.         
I get dressed and to my euphoric surprise, I realize I dropped 3 dresses sizes in the night and I look amazing!  Yes, I do!  My make-up goes on like alabaster and as is my usual ritual, I eat my breakfast while getting dressed and putting my make-up on (the effortless Queen of multi-tasking!).        
Dressed to perfection in some killer heals, make-up sublime and by some additional miracle looking 24 years younger, I leave my boudoirs almost ready to pick-up my Prada handbag to leave the house.  Almost there …
Making sure the house is left perfectly tidy, dishes stacked in the dishwasher, counters cleaned, dinner in the slow-cooker, I kiss my angels and remind them to be really good today at school.  “Try not to drive teacher insane – ok?”  Give hubby a cuddle, as I kiss him goodbye and I remind him to drive carefully and I leave the house … calm , smiling, at peace with my laptop, fat-free coffee-filled travel mug, briefcase and my pearls.  As B and I jump into the non-existent traffic to wave at our favourite traffic officers protecting the kids as they cross the N1 to get to school … not a taxi in sight!
Back in my real world … At the moment … it’s WINTER, its FREEZING … and in Cape Town we do not have central heating, so we wake up to very chilly mornings, that means I spend 30 minutes snoozing the alarm clock, begging for 5 more minutes, pulling the covers up, praying time will slow down.  When I finally get out of bed at 6.22am, pulling on a very sexy cardie and slippers, I put almost all of the lights on in the house to wake the kids up before hubby befalls their rooms and becomes the tickle monster (I swear I would have to kick that man him in the head – HARD - if he did that to me every morning!).  Flicking the kettle on, I re-load the tumble dryer and washing machine and set them off.  Then I’m in the kitchen making tea … did I mention it is FREEZING!  Prepping the kids lunch, glancing at the clock because I should already be in the shower.  I either make my salad (which makes me another 15 minutes later) or I think !!screw it!!, I will get salad from the canteen.  I pack my protein and snack, grabbing an apple and shoving them into a  packet and stuffing those into my travel bag … not a meditation in sight!  It’s gonna be a cracker of a day …       
Junior has now dragged herself out of bed whining and crying because it is cold and she wants to sleep and the world is a terrible place.  Hubby and I both agree with her and ask her what she wants for breakfast.  “Nothing!”  Is the determined answer.  “Cookie, you have to eat, it is important for your body” I cajole.  “What about some nice toast, with little little little little butter on it?  Just the way daddy makes it?”  “No” she replies.  Cereal?  No!  Yoghurt?  No!  Salticrax (we are getting desperate now) No!  She wants popcorn.  “Never gonna happen” I say to her, which starts a whole new wave of wailing.  06.39am - is it too early for wine?
Eventually, tea is done, junior is eating (half asleep, but eating), senior is making herself peanut butter toast (have to love that child), lunch boxes are kind of done … I run down the passage to the shower … what am I going to wear today?  Diving into the shower, start my prayers, mumbling an affirmation while doing my teeth, as an arctic draft enters the bathroom and Junior announces that she needs to wee!  Go ahead, I say but for the love of Peter Rabbit please close the door.  Did I mention new house still only ONE BATHROOM!???  WTF??  Junior dawdles her way through a wee, and decides to leave the bathroom without washing her hands or flushing the lav.  “Get back here!” I warble from the shower (still trying to finish my prayers), removing soap from my face, “flush the lav and wash your hands … what the frikkadel!”  She almost got away, door open, arctic wolves howling and winds racing through the bathroom … AGAIN!  She reluctantly returns (leaving the door open) to flush and wash!  “Oh mom!”
Alone again … I finish brushing my teeth and my prayers and then senior corners me in the warm shower and asks me, with tears in her eyes (again), why did I keep her back in Grade 2? (6 YEARS AGO!) Today??!!  You are asking me this AGAIN TODAY??  Now out of the shower, in the freezing cold, dripping, I try SO HARD to be patient, really I do, but I think I have answered this question about 79 times.  Giving her the same loving answer I tell her every time, building self-esteem, still dripping, I give her a cuddle and then hop into my bedroom to get dressed quickly in whatever I can reach that kind of works.  Shovelling down breakie and painting my face as efficiently as I can.  
Washing – going round!  Tumble Dryer – ditto!  Kids – fed (kind of)!  Kids getting dressed – yes (I hope so!)  Shower – Done!   Shaved legs – not so much!  Earrings – on! (I need to add this to the list now because last week I left the house without them …)  Hair – moused!  Make-up – done!  Breakfast – in!  Travel mug – locked and loaded!  Bags – packed!  Lunches – kind of done!  Laptop – in car!  Cellphone – got it!  Vitamins – In handbag!  Kids kissed and reminded to be awesome – done!  Husband:  kissed & drive carefully – done!  I’m exhausted I haven’t left the house yet!   
And then as I slide into my car, with my heart racing, ready to join the traffic - late, all I can do is start my journey with a prayer for my sanity and my safety … and turn my music up REALLY REALLY LOUD!!!
What is your hardest part of your day? 
Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town
Song of the Post … Its a Beautiful Day!  by Michael Bublé


Janine Huldie said...

I loved the dream version and don't we all wish we could wake up with things being just that perfect, but alas that is so not the case and your version sounds pretty darn close to the mad house it around here in the morning, too. Minus the winter right now, but we have had so much rain and chilled temperature that summer really asn't officially kicked in I suppose!! Thanks for linking up again Collette and have a wonderful weekend now, too!! :)

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I read the "jumping out of bed bright and early at 4:50 am" and I was RIGHT ;-) I wish I could, but once the alarm goes off, it's usually the hubby getting up making a bowl of cereal for the girls while I enjoy just another 5 minutes in the coziness of my bed... I'm a sloth!

Kristi Campbell said...

4:50 AM? OUCH! I have a hard time waking up and agree that getting out the door on time can be so difficult. Ha ha to you being asked something from 2 years ago! Kids are awesome.

Considerer said...

You know, you nearly had me on the first version...

I like the second version better - the relationships are better there :)

Girlie OnTheEdge said...

Wow! Excellent "ideal" life version...I was believing. lol
But your "real" one sounds just as good, if not better:)

Nourishing Nibbles said...

Really very funny... But dont feel alone, mornings (well afternoons and suicide hour and bedtime too) are exhausting in my house... Ooops better go, supposed to be making supper already. Think you right, really need to invest in a slow cooker... love ya xxx

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