Turning Points! OR I really can not do anything about YOUR b@!!sh!t baggage! (You Choose)

I joined a blogging “support” group called Bloppy Bloggers on Facebook in Nov\Dec 2012, introduced to me by the fantastic Thoughts from Paris.  I don’t get to the group often enough, but I love their “support”, innovation and their technical know-how, that they are very quick and willing to openly share!  Love that!  But I would have to say the biggest contribution to my blogging world is that they challenge me!  They challenge me greatly, questioning my norms – many of these folks blog daily, like Janine Huldie.com & Julie Deneen.com 2.0  (I am in jealous awe), they question how I am doing things and take me to those delicious dark uncomfortable places in my blog space, with the clever unspeakable power of suggestion.  This group introduced me to Finish The Sentence Friday (FTSF) – I LOVE IT!  I don’t do it often enough, it’s a fabulous bit of fluff that I really enjoy, but sometimes I just can’t Finish the Sentence because it is too real and very raw.  Many of the topics are delightfully light and they allow your whimsical closet writer to get giggly Zenith FTSF I went to the grocery store ... & Zenith FTSF Once I tried to cook ... , but then sometimes the lead sentence hits a cord so resonant that if I actually finish the sentence the “fine” veneer fixed to my face will shatter into a gazillion pieces and I will vulnerably bleed words that shouldn’t be set free … like the FTSF for When I was younger, I wanted to … and last weeks I hit a turning point in my life when I … so for those weeks I don’t submit.  With this weeks “Turning Point” FTSF slipping away from me into cyber-silence … the next 84 hours happened … insisting to be written!       

It’s been a tumultuous yet really interesting 84 hours:  interesting observations, interesting reactions, interesting learnings and very interesting emotions and because these people share my real world, I unfortunately can not share the specifics around the clutch of events that unfolded.           
Sometimes a turning point is a big event like a retrenchment or a death or a birth.  Sometimes it can be a catastrophic event thrust upon us … but hopefully, if we do it right, a turning point can be a conscious decision - to not go down a destructive road again or to walk away … to write a new ending … for your own peace. 

So what have I learned … in these short 84 hours.

1         Say what you need to say!  If you don’t like me, that is so so so fine.  I can’t even tell you how fine that is with me, in fact I would have more respect for you for growing a pair and being honest – but then for the love of Peter Rabbit please stay away from me!  I don’t need you to like me … I just need you to be honest! 

2         I don’t care (in the nicest possible way) who you work for, what your religion is, what your sexual orientation is, who you sleep with, where you eat, what you drive, who’s clothes you are wearing … I care who you are as a human being, I care about you, I care about how you treat me and the people around me.  When we have stripped all of the other clouding crap away … who are you at your honest core?  That is what I care about!

3         If you have baggage (and don’t we all) … man the F#$%^&-up and go for therapy to deal with your baggage before you bring it to my front door and then project it onto me.  Because I have enough of my own shizz to deal with, in how that makes me feel when you do that!       

4         And lastly DON’T misjudge my “nice” personality for a regular opportunity to hurt me!  Eventually I get it, even though my loyal, generous nature sadly keeps me there for way too long … but I am getting better at walking away …

So it was 84 hours of Turning Points or I really can not do anything about YOUR b@!!sh!t baggage learnings!  You choose which one works for you …

Hopefully, I am entering this week wiser and stronger … and I leave both you and I with a challenge for the week ahead and indeed the rest of our lives … let’s be honest!  Truly honest!  Stripping away the BS!  Not Simon Cowell rip-a-strip-off-you-with-the-scathing-truth honest (although sometimes that is required) but open and honest without trying to break someone in the process.  Generously Honest because as the song and video below shows … isn’t life just too short for b@!!sh!t!

Seriously, really, honestly … still love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Say what you need to say ...  by John Mayer


Janine Huldie said...

Collette, I love this and seriously I am sometimes too honest for my own good and gets me in trouble sometimes, because I really am not a very good liar. That said sounds like you have had an interesting 84 hours and you really came out learning so very much. So happy that you could link up with us this weekend and always love when you can!! :) :)

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you Janine ... for your constant wonderful comment and encouragement. SO much appreciated.
Warm regards

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Wow, Collette, that was intense, but honestly, I couldn't agree more! Does your attitude rub off? I could need some!

I definitely agree that I don't care about people's "fluff", I tend to try to focus more on the things we have in common than things we could disagree about.

Chris Carter said...

Well somebody had a painful growth spurt in the last 84 hours eh? lol ;) I just had to come visit from Bloppys to read your wise and passionate words. I am really sorry you got hit with a punch, it seems. But you are back up and kickin'!! Way. To. Go!

Zenith Thinking said...

Yes indeed Chris ... but hopefully growth all the same ... thanx for stopping by with your comments.
Warm regards

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