I’d come for you …

I experienced the most amazing thing this morning!  I was quite literally speechless as it unfolded around me (and we all know how rare that is).

I was cold (code for miserable) and tired (more code for miserable) and my spirit was troubled, as I kept hitting snooze on the alarm clock at 5.45am (I was a bear in a previous life).  I vaulted my troubled mind out of bed at 6.19am as my house phone rang.  Up with the phone call, I pushed myself into action, but I moved around in a preoccupied haze of the thoughts in my head.  I’m really working on positive thought patterns at the moment, so I pushed all the ugly voices out of my mind and focused on getting done and getting out of the house.

I eventually left the house 25 minutes late(r than usual) and as I left the drive way, I threw a final look over our home and prayed for protection only to see that the living room light was still on (grrrrr) … with a deep sigh (I had just gotten out of the house) I reversed, manually pulling our front gate open because its motor died the night before (gates are heavy) heading back into the house, opening all the doors and security gates, to switch off the living room light.  Light off, doors locked, gates on, back out the petulant front gate (in the cold) I returned to my car and took a deep breath as I joined the light traffic to work (unbeknownst to me without my cell phone – something I have NEVER done before – tell me what that means??).  Pretty much on auto-pilot, I know this route well, with music (too loud) to sooth my racing mind and my journey.  Deep in thought around how I was going to fix my current predicament, I took the very familiar route to work starting over the bridge that crosses the N7.  As I started the ascent onto the bridge, the next minute, literally in slow motion, there were red lights and a magnificent confetti of diamonds as glass shattered across the road.  In milliseconds, I had checked my mirrors, braked, said a swift prayer of gratitude that we were all travelling very slowly, hit my hazards (and turned my music down) as the truck in front stopped.  As my elsewhere-mind caught up, I realized that the truck ahead of me had been involved in an accident.

The really good news was that of the 3 vehicles involved (2 cars and truck), no-one was injured, only cars bashed and a previously-paralysed dachshund (I kid you not) had a serious case of the shakes (but I think that is there default).  So far, not so much amazing hey … but then it started to unfold and I stood there in amazement.

Everyone was fine, glass and car everywhere, 2 police vehicles arrived within minutes, 2 ambulances arrived and came to check on the drivers and the dog (how bless is that!) and then the tow trucks arrived.  Now tow vehicles in South Africa have a rather bad rep and people even refer to them as vultures (not the nicest term ever) but this morning, my second experience of them, was AMAZING!  It felt like there were millions of them but there were probably about 5 or 6 tow vehicles.  It was 7.45am in Cape Town in the dead of winter, the sun hadn’t even come up over the Durbanville Hills yet and this robust Afrikaaner got out of his tow vehicle in shorts, sloffies and a T-shirt (I kid you not!) he emerged and his first question was … “is anyone hurt?”  We said no, he put his arm around the one lady (car #1) and said “don’t worry [it felt like there should have been a Bokkie in there] we will sort it all out”.  Now we have heard this before and sadly the press is littered with horror stories of people who have been exploited by opportunists in this field, maximizing a weak moment.  We all exchanged a look and thought … “yes indeed.”  Sadly, we didn’t get his name, but for the purposes of this post we will call him Archangel Johannes … Archangel Johannes was amazing (if a little ill-dressed for the freezing winter weather).  The police were great, they gave us next steps, they managed the building traffic, the ambulance service (both of them) checked the Drivers and Chilli (the dog) and the Tow Guys (all 300 of them) with Archangel Johannes managing the crew and the events, sprang into action!  I haven’t been involved in an accident where I was the driver, I didn’t know what to do.  Car Driver Lady (car #1) was crying and in shock, Chillie’s dad (car #2) was dealing with Chillie.  The Truck Driver had panic etched across his face.  Archangel Johannes asked Car Driver Lady who her insurers were, she answered and he pulled his phone (directly out of the early 90’s) out of his well-worn kort-brook, dialled a number, handed it to her and kindly said … “here, I have your insurers call centre on the phone for you”.  He managed the moving of the cars out of the traffic and he was literally divine!

I stood there (freezing) watching this unfold and all I could think was … such an outpouring of kindness!  So willing to help.  So kind.  So gentle.  So loving.  It truly was amazing and in that moment on the bridge, I was no longer cold, but warmed by the amazing capacity we have as human beings to be gentle, to be kind.  It warmed my body and my soul and it restored my faith in human kindness.

So what did I learn … I don’t live in la-la-land.  Horrible things happen.  But if we are really lucky and we live by the great principal of karma (what we put out, we get back), every now and then human-beings will surprise you with awesomeness.  I have a new found affection for tow-truck drivers.  Rough as a bears bums they are, but the salt of the earth!  This has been the 2nd time I have witnessed an accident, the last time was at 12am in the middle of the night and again … the same thing happened.  They came in (I even recognized the one guy as the same guy from last time) and they kindly assisted the folks, wrecked, in the middle of the road.  And as a woman who travels regularly, on my own at night … that is a heartening thought.

This evening I hope Cally, Chilli, Chilli’s Dad and the Truck driver are ok, and I thank the fantastic police and ambulance services for their fabulous service to us – those truly are vocations!  I thank the Tow Truck Guys and I thank Archangel Johannes for reminding me that human kindness is overflowing … and it warmed my body and my soul …

What are we doing today, to spread a bit of human kindness???

Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … I'd come for you ...  by Nickelback


Considerer said...

Wow! This is awesome! What a great (if scary at first) thing to witness. Glad everyone was alright.

On a side note, I'd never thought of SA being cold in winter! Thanks for the education.

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you Considerer! Yes indeed, I just spoke to Cally, she is fine. Hope Chilli is ok (bless).

Yes indeed, compared to Russia, we don't know cold ... but for us, it does indeed get nippy.

Thank you for stopping on by.

Much love and appreciation.

Nourishing Nibbles said...

Oh what an amazing story! Loved reading it - hanging on every word... And you're right, those guys also need some love (sending them some now :)

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