If I Could Walk Across the Bridge of Time

A couple of months ago I was patiently minding my business in the check-out queue at my local supermarket.  Next to me was one of those large sales bins with CD’s in it, all marked down to below a third of their original release value – you know the kind.  Normally I am pretty strong, despite my music addiction, but this time, one jumped up out of the pile of CD’s and screamed YOU HAVE TO BUY ME!  When my eye caught sight of "The Best of Branigan" I simply had to have it … Laura Branigan fresh out of the 80’s, slipstreamed into 2013!  I couldn’t wait to get back to the car to load the CD and as she started her signature first hit of Gloria … I quickly skipped on to track 2 (because I never could do Gloria, one of her few hits I didn’t instantly [or ever] love) … from track 2 onwards, my face slid into this ridiculous grin as music from those 5 galvanised years of high school, bounced off the speakers … such passion, so intense … ah those were good days!

What followed was two delirious months of loud Laura in the car on the way to work, with the broadest grin and even laughter (that looked like mental illness had my DNA in a death-grip), the late 80’s & early 90’s had me skipping across the bridge of time and it got me thinking about what I was doing then and who I was with.  Every song brought back a flood of re-lived memories.  It was wonderful!

I was introduced to Laura by a family of brothers that are forever intertwined in my relationships with men and indeed, in retrospect have enabled me into a healthy space with men … I could have ended up more very twisted.  I have mentioned before that my relationship with my dad has been turbulent, but one morning whilst singing with great gusto about the events that befell the poor unfortunate Spanish Eddie, it hit me, this family of brothers, this music (and others), the safety they provided, the conversation, the generosity, this time in my life, gave me wonderful memories and paved the way to wellbeing, in every sense of that word.

Regularly during these 2 months, I have thought fondly about my brothers four, how sadly, we have lost touch.  Our lives have moved on, but I see now how instrumental they were in the way I form and create relationships with men.  I’m reminded, not for the first time, how very much I love them, and smile regularly, fondly as I think of them.  I miss you guys!  Those many days, hours, weekends we spent in the garage.  I’m smiling now as I type this at how very wrong that sounds today, I was a teenage girl, but it was a different time, when innocence was innocent and there might have been one or two other game-changing factors … but it was wonderful and safe and secure and happy!

Also during those mornings in the car, I have wondered what ever happened to Mz Branigan.  I had made up this whole wonderful success story (in my head) of how she was producing and writing and mentoring and Broadway!  When researching this blog, I was very saddened to read she died, in her sleep, in her bed, in her home, in the middle of the night, alone, in 2004, from a suspected cerebral aneurysm.  So sad … so not where I had taken her.

So what have I learned … I find it really interesting how sometimes a blog insists on being written.  This one has been glaring at me for 2 months … but that is a writing note for me.  I’ve realized not all of high school was hell difficult!  That life does indeed move forward and takes us off into new sometimes treacherous, mostly wonderful adventures … but let’s try not to lose touch!  This blog was born out of the Song of the Post below … if I could ever hold you, I’d never let go, never in a million years!  Wayne, Grant, Brian & Little Vaughan thank you for those wonderful years, your parents and grand-parents too.  Love you all madly and miss you more!  And Laura’s legacy lives on in her music still being played … Ti Amo.

Who are you going to reconnect with today?  Life is short …

Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Never in a Million Years! By Laura Branigan


Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I had a friend many years ago; we met when I was working as a bartender at an Irish pub he frequented. I could have listened to him talking for hours, loved his British accent. We went on dinner dates, just as friends, and had the greatest time. After about a year after we met, his company moved him to China for a 3-month delegation, which stretched, and stretched, and stretched. And then came the hubby. I kept in touch with my friend, but his email wishing me all the best for my marriage was the last I've ever heard from him. I've tried to get in touch with him on several occasions in those last 8 years, but was never successful.. Still wonder how he's doing..

Zenith Thinking said...

Hi Stephanie
I wanted to comment on this post the moment you added it but I only just got back here now ... when I read your comment, it broke my heart. As I suspect that is what happened to your friend when your life took a different turn to what he had planned ... so sad ... so real ...
Thank you for sharing this.
Warm regards
Collette (Zenith)

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