I get it … Again!

So I have been very fortunate to be blessed with a strong body and a stronger immune system (a complete woes when it comes to pain, but I digress).  Even though historically, I have done myself a huge disservice by comforting myself with excess, I actually protect my health quite fiercely.  I steer well clear of sick people (the physical and toxic kind).  I’ve been known to quarantine myself and my family from sick people quite directly.  I indulge one cold a year, which normally hits me for precisely 3 days, somewhere around end May, and then I inform my body, that’s it … you are done!  I’ve also always been blessed with an annoyingly high energy level, even at my heaviest (pregnancies aside).  I take a lot of vitamins and supplements, and almost every week I am trying some new health theory, this week I am drinking hot water and grated fresh ginger – love it!  I read somewhere that the Ming Dynasty drank it regularly and who doesn’t want a bit more Ming?  But the problem with a blessing is that quite quickly, in our frenetic world, we can take them for granted in search of the next high … 

So this week I caught a tummy bug (a daft turn of phrase really because I wasn’t looking nor chasing one but you get the idea).   Nothing too dramatic, haven’t we all had them at some point, a blip on the road, a day or so of high energy drinks and the electrolytes will be right as rain and of course, the weight loss benefits are never a bad thing … right?  Soon enough the squirts passed in 14 hours or so … but then the nausea started … hold on that is the wrong way around, then chills commenced in waves, followed by searing flashes of fever, coupled with a bone crushing – I can’t move, someone feed the kids.  Day 1 flowed into Day 2, Day 2 brought the weird stiff neck and mega headache, which meant that I kept subjecting myself to blinding light to see if I could handle it for fear of the big M (we won’t even say it out loud!).  Day 2 flowed into Day 3 and by Day 3 I was lolling around in bed feeling like something the cat sicked up (possibly still in the same PJ’s since Day 1 … ewwww) feeling horribly sorry for myself.  Somewhere mid-Day 3 it hit me!  I am very fortunate, that normally I am quite to very healthy.  Not lately, lately I have been plagued by a steady stream of annoyingly low grade things that have slowed dragged me down and pandered to procrastination.  I lay there thinking how much I dislike even the slightest medical niggle and how much a minor thing saps my energy to a snivelling pool of self-pity.  I thought to myself, my word woman, imagine if you really had something wrong with you, something major, some people live with major illnesses every day and still manage to overcome mountains … get a grip!  Med’ing up, I resolved I was on the mend!

I had to smile at how the Universe and My Great Divine works … He thought He would just hammer the point home, when my husband came to my sick bed, feeling for a temperate and baring tea and asked “do you want to watch Hawking, the new Stephen Hawking movie?” and the hammer was driven home.

Oh my word, the DocieFilm is excellent!  Its real and it gives you great insight into what is going on in his head, trapped in a body that is slowly imploding.  I was inspired, awed and ashamed all at the same time.  I laughed at his fabulous wicked sense of humour, I admire his drive – his never give-up even with all of these perceived insurmountable challenges.  I loved him more when I learned he was a Trekkie, of course was there a chance that the man that is discussing big bang theories, singularities and black holes wouldn’t be?  There might have been, he might have been completely above it all, so intellectual that Star Trek was for morons, but he wasn’t.  He has appeared on Star Trek and Bart Simpson (of all things), he has appeared with Jim Carrey and countless other TV programs, travelled the world speaking and Goodreads has 63 of his books on their site.  63 people!  All written from his chair.  I love how very accessible he is to everyone.  He pushes the cutting edge, demanding that technology reaches into his brain to translate what he is thinking.  I love the fact that when he goes to yet another champagne party, his carer feeds him his champagne on a spoon … I loved that!  He doesn’t sit quietly thirsty in a corner, he participates as much as he can.  He is present!  And there is me feeling sorry for myself because I have some virus … something that will pass …

So what have I learned … I am in awe of Stephen Hawking!  95% … ok a very large number of the things he has achieved, he did them after he was diagnosed with ALS  (for us South African’s the same thing that Jooste has).  That is incredible!  I’m gonna be dialling back on the this hurts and that hurts, suck it up girlfriend, it could be much, much worse.  I’ve also been dragging my heels on a few projects, needing the perfect conditions to move forward.  There are no perfect conditions, in fact it is pretty likely that the conditions will never be perfect, like ever … so get on with it already!

What are your blessings?  And what are you procrastinating about?  I would love to hear your comments!

Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … ROAR  by Katy Perry  (Love love love this song at the moment)

PS.  79 days until Christmas people!!!!!!


Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Totally agree, Collette! Hawking is an amazing person, I didn't quite know all the detail, but I love the anecdote with the champagne. I'm just emerging from being sick as a dog for 2 weeks (the first time in about 8 or so years), feeling miserable, sorry for myself, and just wanting to die. Well, here I am, feeling human again, and Hawking is still where he was, getting worse bit by bit. He rules, I'm a whino!

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