Revisiting, Gratitude and Visitors

Ok, so maybe not so much … my last blog - I get it ... Again! - was around a life lesson returning for a revisit.  Not necessarily a bad thing, some lessons are such fun, we don’t mind revisiting those.  Some return to remind us, some to drive their point home.

At the moment, I find myself in a bit of a revisiting pattern.  So I am owning it!  I’m stopping, taking a deep breath (or 3) and honouring the fact that I am evidentially meant to be at this very point … again.  A new development is that I find myself having an almost out-of-body experience, standing next to myself, physically detaching myself from the emotion of it all and witnessing the moment happening in slow motion.  It’s interesting, it’s revealing.  Sometimes I revisit the mistake, but some of the time that private detachment facilitates a different outcome.  If you can see it, you aren’t it. 

It’s a time that requires great bravery, great courage because, I don’t know about you but I find that this is always my madness manic month.  By December it is all over bar the drinking.  In October it’s the month before crazy evolves into something supernatural.  November bring tight deadlines, the chase to finish those deliverables for year-end.  November brings academic final exams in South Africa and the safety on the pressure cooker of my life is whistling … loudly!

All too easily I could be swallowed up by the comfort of chocolate or food, my warm bed, alcohol or some form of stimulant that either makes me more productive or chills me to a point that I don’t give a rats ass.  It was somewhere around contemplating my options and lamenting my woes, when I got some really sage advice.  Something we have all heard so many times … but this time I put it into action … I was told, when you are feeling like this, count your blessings!  My initial reaction was almost violent.  I felt like screaming from the roof top, I know what my frikken blessings are, can I just win lotto!  But for some reason, I took a deep breath and started writing down my blessings.  My Gratitude’s.  The things, people, places, events, moments and experiences I am so very happy and grateful for.

I was circling a bit of a dark place but with the commencement of these gratitude’s, something so simple, something we can all do without pomp and finance, they have steadied me in this manic time, demanding I slow down and smell the good coffee, share a giggle and enjoy the moments (again).

Evidentially I am in need of relearning these lessons and I am grateful for the re-learn.  So while I am here, another Gratitude is that around mid-October Zenith reached 10 000 hits!  Thank you!  Here’s to the next 100 000 hits (a girl has to dream).

Then I must share … our family are animal crazy!!!  Particularly of the kitty and puppy variety!  But through some warped practical cosmic twist of the universe, all the girls in our family are violently allergic to animals (trust me it is not pretty).  So we have made the very difficult decision to not own pets – truly tragic!  However, when we moved to our current home we inherited an indigenous rocky garden and a big-ass pond with many fish and we seem to attract lots of lovely garden and wild birds (the 3 girls are not so secretly very pleased).  Our pond has brought us many hours of pleasure and more hours of sheer frustration at its pea-green water.  The current status of said pond water is a deep thick residing sludgy avocado green (you know, like those shocking 70’s bathrooms), I must quickly add that the fish are very happy!  Last night at 23.47, I was woken by a loud repetitive slurping-lapping sound.  As I processed what I was hearing I thought … “Oh Lord, we are being invaded by giant pond slugs” (ok, maybe a little dramatic but work with me) gingerly I pulled back the curtains (in the dark), only to find 2 beautiful, very LARGE dogs (a lovely husky and an overly friendly golden lab - teenagers).  The husky was shoulders deep in the avocado pond and slurping up the pond water (can you begin to imagine how the poor fish felt), the Labrador made eye-contact with me (still in the dark) and almost bounded through the Spanish bars and window to greet me.  It was surreal!  But it was wonderful!  Eventually we put some lights on and the dogs ran off towards home.  Hubby and I eventually went back to sleep, smiling and giggling at that crazy moment.  And then, we also seem to have adopted a beautiful delicate-featured fluffy young ginger Tom (whom we have aptly named Ginger – we are so deep!) who loves to sleep in our garden during the day and then meanders off home for dinner.  It is so lovely to witness our garden entertaining the local wildlife (that would include my children) and last night’s 2 welcome 4-legged visitors.  It made our souls warm and mushy.

So what have I learned … again … Taking 6 minutes to slow down and write down those Gratitude’s and count those blessings really does work.  Revisited lessons can be a necessary and warm reminder.  This week again, I was reminded to NEVER allow anyone to steal my joy!  I am enjoying taking a moment to drink the good coffee with family and friends, and to share a laugh or a tear.  All of that said … now more than ever, it is a time to be brave and to live with great courage and then from that courage, we will find the band-width to encourage.  Such Gratitude … thank you!

Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Brave! by Sara Bareilles  (BE BRAVE!)

PS.  52 days until Christmas people!!!!!! 


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