What a Twit!

There has been a lot of news around Twitter this week, as they launched onto the Stock Exchange … and more power to them, I believe they did really well!  FANTASTIC!  BUT I need to confess (work with me, it’s the strong catholic in me) I think there is something (else) wrong with me, because … IT colleagues, fellow bloggers and 21st century … I don’t get Twitter!   There I said it!  Possibly a mortal sin in this cyber-age, but yes, I don’t get Twitter … like at all!  Facebook I get, Instagram I get, Twitter – not in the slightest!  And I have decided that it is because I am old (40)!  I mean in technology years that is positively dinosaur!

I heard recently on the wireless, someone had conducted a poll and Twitter was voted above Facebook as the #NumberOneSocialMediaOfChoice … I am at a loss.  Seriously 140 characters … I just can’t say what I need to in 140 characters.  I mean why use 140 characters when 500 will do!

I have a Twitter account, 2 in fact (one for #ZenithThinking and one for me, but I REALLY don’t use the latter due to lack of getting it) and to me it is just this constant streaming of nothingness, with #HashTags everywhere, making other people look more cool than me.  And that just BLEEPS me well off!  #TrueStory.

If there is a picture, you have to click on a link and go somewhere else to see it … seriously?  More waiting … while my phone buffers.  I don’t think so … I just don’t have that kind of time!!

Because of the constant streaming of limited content, something you might actually be interested in or want to go back to, flies off my phone screen all too quickly and then poof, it is gone into #TwitterScrollingSpace, never to be found again … well at least not by me.

I follow many bloggers, well-cool-bloggers, and they really seem to have taken to Twitter, it makes me feel less cool and #BloggerDeficient.  I’m slightly embarrassed by my lack of Twitness.

So what have I learned … Hi, my name is Collette and I don’t get Twitter.  And I think I have almost made peace with that.  #Almost!  Strangely enough, I had to deal more with my inability to get into this social media.  Is there a course I can take to be #MoreTwitterSavy?  Maybe I should Google it – now Google I get!  I love technology and I love the latest gizmo … this has been a bitter pill to swallow.  I am a Twit when it comes to Twitter. 

I suppose really, like all things in life, some things (and people) you just get, you understand them instantly, the learning curve is organic and exciting, but my learning curve with Twitter looks more like arrhythmia heading into a resolute flatline.  BUT I have decided, that for a short while longer, I will persevere (my number one lesson for our girls) … so if anyone wants to have mercy on me and drag me into the cool gang … please show me how to use Twitter effectively … I also want to be a #CoolKid …

Love you all madly!
Warm regards …             
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … #UnrelatedJustABeautifulSong …  I Won't Let Go! By Rascal Flatts

PS.  44 days until Christmas!!!!!!  The pre-Christmas posts will commence shortly …


TC said...

Hi Collette. I am sooo with you on Twitter...I get confused all the time as you will have a sentence as one word and all the #'s becomes confusing...And NO I am not 40 yet, its just that I prefer FB

Caghrey West said...

Ya I dont even have an account... Facebook takes up enough of my time. And whats the point of having 2 social media sites? That's twice the work!
Anyway, #love you madly "D


Sandra Sallin said...

OK, I'm 73 and if I get twitter so can you. Just start sharing others find tweets that you want to share and share them. Them and this is what got me, I can tweet a question to anyone and engadge with them. iPassword talked me through installing the latest version of their software on Twitter. So Share a lot of stuff. Find areas and subjets that you'd like to share. Use TweetDeck and have a colum for things your interested in and would like to share. Then start engageing with people. One day the light wll go off. and You'll get it.

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