My Take on Keeping Crazy at Bay …

“When you see crazy coming towards you on the street … cross the road” those are words by Iyanla Vanzant!

It’s something that isn’t always realized, but sometime we can see crazy coming … see it, feel it, smell it.  Like an unwanted attraction to someone else, when you belong to another.  Sometimes you can see it, hear it whispering, flirting, beckoning, slowly wrapping its dark, strong suffocating arms around you … and that all too effortlessly, it is easier to allow crazy to have its way with you, descending into that warm enveloping dark pit of I just can’t do this anymore, make it go away, make it stop

For me, my idea of insanity is unrelenting suffocating responsibility.  Where it feels like all the bucks stop with me.  This greedily feeds my not-so-inner control freak.  She loves taking ownership and having everything in its perfect place (I am aware & I am working on it) and when everything is in its perfect place, then fabulous, but when all the balls are in the air and suddenly it all just gets a little too much and I can’t breathe for the unrelenting demands of it all – I literally struggle to breathe and even think.  I start clawing at the invisible suffocating polar-neck closing in on me and I try to pull and rip the unseen fingers slowly constricting my neck.

Recently, my version of crazy was seducing me unapologetically, coming right at me, unrelentingly, right up in my grill (work with my ghetto analogy) emphasis on the was … here is how I kept my crazy at bay …

  1. Keep it real!  I got to a point where I couldn’t handle my bitching and moaning a moment longer and I asked myself “Self!  What are you going to do about it?” (My new favourite phrase of power!)

  2. I re-focused on what is important.  Not what is important in that moment … what is important.  FULL STOP.

  3. I got back to my meditation & prayers … funny how those slip when the suffocation is up a notch or five.

  4. I re-focused on my (and my families) diet, exercise and time out-doors (away from screens).  Just at the very right moment, my sister (bless her heart) signed us up at a local gym and they have Zumba classes (something I have wanted to do for about 3 years (possibly longer).  I recently did my first Zumba class … IT WAS AMAZING!  Loud music, latin beats, all girls, dancing-exercise and best yet … I was burning calories.  I was in my element!  As the ladies and I were wiggling our @$$’s to the samba, I was watching the instructor’s face.  She had the biggest grin on her face, as she took us through the routines (and no she was not laughing at us) it was coming from within.  If dancing is your thing, then I highly recommend Zumba, for your heart, your ass and your soul!

  5. Instead of talking about it … I’m doing it!  Writing those Gratitude’s!  Those have really tuned me into my awareness and have turned things around for me BIG time!

  6. I turn up the volume!  MUSIC ministers to my soul, but when those clouds roll in and crazy seductively invites me to Tango, somehow the music turns dull and fades to the background of an all too easy nap.  Re-energized I crank it!  Crack a bit of P!nk, the louder the better (within legal and decibel limits of course).  I defy anyone to not get their happy on listening to P!nk’s Get this party started! 

  7. And as busy as I am (and I know we all are) I do one thing a day that either speaks to my soul or fuels my passion.  I need it, I crave it like fresh-air!  I recently met a guy who works a “9-5 day job” but, like many, music is his passion.  I asked him what he was doing about it?  He started making those familiar noises we all know, called hesitation, reluctance, regret and procrastination (I remember them well) … um er, busy, working, life, um er.  I wanted to shake him, slap him (I refrained, I believe it is frowned upon in the work-place).  I said to him, the time is NOW!  NOW is the moment, don’t let life slip away, if that is your passion – JDI!  (Just Do It!  ü)  And I shared with him how somehow 20 years slipped away from me, with so much regret and anger.  He politely left the nice crazy lady, but returned a few weeks later – excited!  I was so pleased when he told me that he and his friends had re-ignited their music project and were actively working on it again!  I wanted to jump up and down with obscene enjoyment (I refrained again, because strangely enough, that too is frowned upon in the work-place).

So what have I learned … Inertia (I love that word – it is so evocative of what it is doing … nothing) makes me feel more trapped than what I actually am.  It is taking action that makes me feel better … empowered, helps me to breathe and with these seven steps above, I am making sure I am not being inert!

I am hard-pressed to choose one of the seven that is more important than the other, we all know the phenomenal (another word I love) value in a good diet and exercise.  My Gratitude’s have changed my life and morning meditation & prayer grounds my day and sets the tone.  Music is my first love … but secretly I must share with you that #7 speaks so intimately to my soul, that I am positively giddy when I get that one ticked for the day.

So what are you doing today that speaks to your soul or fuels your passion?  I would love to hear from you …

Love you all madly!  Thank you!
Warm regards …       
Collette in Cape Town

This post’s Music of the Post, is music from my friend above.  He, and his partners, have their own music label … Native Rootz and they work their digital magic and fuel their passion there!  Every success to them!  Click to listen to a track.   (All credit to the artists involved.)


Sandra Sallin said...

Well I guess I'm going out walking. I find that writing, which is a new creative outlet for me, searching for photos or taking them for my blog is also a new creative outlet and this is the longest run on sentence known to mankind. Bottom line I really enjoyed this post. I do wish there was a zumba class near me. But good for you finding out what works for you to keep the dark clouds at bay!

Jennifer Steck said...

What an inspiration. I love the idea of action. It makes me feel much better, too. I'm signing up for a writing class in January. I'll let you know how it goes.

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