Ready, Steady, GO!

So … here we are, our tinsel is bedraggled and our livers are cowering under a rib, as we clean up after Christmas and look ahead towards 2014 the New Year!  Early February 2014 will bring in the Chinese New Year and this year will be the Year of the Green Wood Horse.  I’m not too sure what that means exactly, but now is a great time really, a time when we get to reflect on the year that was and plan for the year ahead, setting those personal goals and determinations for the year ahead!

Personally 2013 was a great year!!! The big wrap-up will come towards the end of March as I look back on my 40!  Red Letter, Red Lipstick, Red Knickers and Red Heels Year! I only have 3 short months to get that tattoo (at least I have narrowed down the where and what … just working on the courage and financials for that permanent work of art).  But overall 2013 was a really good year!  For which I am truly thankful!  Some of the highlights were:  Zenith’s 10 000 hits, writing for Family Holiday & Leisure Magazine twice, managing balance at work, I got a new (to me) car, losing some weight, speaking my truth (asking for what I wanted - sometimes getting it, sometimes not, but everyone knew where I stood), learning SO MUCH, laughing more, laughing out loud more, loving more, releasing more, seeing more, letting go of more, being enough, meditated more, I gained some much needed perspective and direction, we enjoyed our spaces, I was more aware, I altered the way I thought and subsequently spoke, I made wonderful new friends and enjoyed our current friends more and then agonized about releasing some not so great friends … but I am getting better at releasing.

Of course, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  I had a bit of a wobble on my surf-board of life around Sept\Oct when I got sick with a virus that refused to leave me and then when it did, it left me depleted and below empty and then around mid-year our finances took a dive and like the lady repeatedly says, unrelentingly on the GPS *recalculating*  *recalculating*  *recalculating* … in hindsight, a difficult but necessary lesson.  But otherwise the rest of the year was really good!  I declare that 2013 was a GOOD YEAR!  I am relieved to say those words!

So, as now it has become a tradition … how did you do with your word for 2013? Zenith - Out with the Old!  Do you remember your word?  Did you make it happen?  And more?  If so, that is fantastic!  You should be really proud of that!  As Mr Stink from the BBC, sadly referenced “too often, too many of us go through our entire lives, having never shared our fabulousness with the world” or words to that affect.  If I look back on my word for 2013, which was WRITE, on one hand I did really well, 2 published (code for paid) articles, I made some amazing new friends who were able to promote perspective and direction.  I started my second blog – something more in line with the book.  But strangely enough, I wrote less, both blogging and the book(s).  But it was a year of thinking much about the book(s) and writing, working on the next book’s storyline and working on their covers.  I might have written less, but writing was always on my mind (even in the shower with me).

So the NEW CHALLENGE is slightly different, I’m changing the rules for 2014 (keep watching this space, I might even throw the rule book away).  Previously, we were only allowed 1 word for the whole year – a very difficult task but it did narrow and galvanise the focus!  This year – 2014 - we are allowed 3 whole glorious words!  Oh the choices!
  • 3 words that are positive!
  • 3 words that speak to you and for you for 2014 – personal goal setting!
  • 3 words that encapsulate all your hopes, desires, needs and dreams for yourself for 2014!
  • And preferably 3 distinct words like Travel, Abundance & Balance instead of Good Theatre Seats!

Think about it, I’ll leave it with you for a couple of days … we will come back to it!  Ready, Steady, GO!  (also 3 words by the way!)

So what did 2013 teach me … oh where do I start!  One of the lingering quotes from this year for me was “In the sunlight of awareness, everything becomes sacred”.  I LOVE this quote, it literally took my breath away!  I learned so much about myself, and how I interact with other’s and how they interact and perceive me.  Mind-blowing stuff!  It reminded me (again) to not be wasteful.  It encouraged me to release that which was not serving me.  I took big leaps and small steps, some of them I did alone and many I did holding your hands – you shared my journey and for that I must truly thank you!  2013 was blessed!  But can you feel it … 2014 is going to be something else … a GREAT something else!  A FANTASTIC something else!  A something else that will be a destiny-point, where opportunity and preparation will explode with abundant deliverance … who is with me!

Love you all madly!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Brave! by Sara Bareilles  (BE BRAVE!)


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Love that song Brave! It definitely makes me want to sing along. And congrats on your paid articles this year!!

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic quote. I'm a quote lover too and that's going on the list. Thank you. Great post.

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