2014 - In Pursuit Of Purpose!

Ok, so we are 19 days into January and how are you doing with living those words of yours?  Can you believe that we are already more than half way through January 2014?  So let’s get cracking!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Purpose lately.  Do you know what your purpose is in life?  Why you are here?  Is it to pay the bills or is it to have great impact?  Do you even believe that you have a purpose?  That you have a part to play on the grand Divine chess board?  Or do you believe you are here by the random evolutionary moment of lust by your biology?  Personally, I don’t believe the latter, I believe we are all here for a purpose, for a reason, for impact!  So again, in the shower, I was thinking Writing and Zenith and The Book and WORDS and 2014 and Purpose and Abundance and Impact and Adventure and Making 2014 Count (sometimes it can get very crowded in that little shower) when an idea hit me (somewhere between shampoo and which body wash to use) … in 2014, in the blessed, excited, active, pursuit of Making 2014 Count and achieving my words of Writing Abundance Adventure, each month on Zenith we will discuss an idea … so here goes …

January is always so full of promise, excitement, optimism and new beginnings.  We normally look ahead into the year and make some plans, even if it is only roughly planning the family holiday and making a mental note to schedule your leave from work.  Not done that yet?  Get cracking! 

Some of us, go into more detail, some of us live by the seat of our pants.  I fall somewhere in the Plan your head off and then go with the flow, but I have learned – the hard way - that if I don’t plan, making some of my dreams a priority, I end up living my life by default, my life gets transported around other people’s priorities.  BANG!  Oh sorry, I fell off my soap box … I digress!

So as I am planning January, the return of our children to school in the Southern Hemisphere, pacing medical requirements for my family and I, indeed planning something in September, PURPOSE keeps tugging at my writing sleeve.

I openly envy admire people who at an early age (or even any age) know, clearly what their purpose is.  What they are meant to be doing.  Having a clear goal and direction of where they want and need to be.  For me, it is inspiring and painful at the same time, like a hot poker in the ribs, reminding me to get on that!

My heart always constricts and my brow crinkles (demanding more botox) when I think about teenagers having to make subject choices around something they want to do for the rest of their lives, when they can’t decide on their breakfast.  Do we know at 15 what we want to do with the rest of our lives?  Do we know anything at 15?  But they are out there, those young people, having clear vision and galloping off for it, clear, determined and achieving it.  I am in awe!

So what have I learned … It’s taken every single day since I was 15 in search of direction and my purpose and I am still refining it … but I think I am getting closer!  So this January, the thought to ponder is What is your PURPOSE? 

More and more Motivational Speakers say Be Very Clear and Define Your Purpose and then Go For It!  I have found that quiet reflective time helps me with this.  Also asking myself one simple question … What do you want?  Answer it!  There you go!  As simple as that! 

I also find that something from within you KNOWS, listen to that!  Much like me, the things that make my soul soar (that’s how I know, I recognize that sensation within me now) are a bit all over the place;  from people, to teaching, to theatre, to great debate, to music, to words, to dance, to speaking, to writing, to connecting, to fantasy, to motivating, to understanding the great mysteries of people and the universe, when I engage in these … unconsciously a smile slides over my face and I am dancing in the laundry folding washing … ok maybe that is a bit of a push, but you see where I am going.  What makes your face smile?  What makes your heart warm?  And what makes your soul soar?  What is your PURPOSE here?

Let’s start the discussion, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what your PURPOSE is, maybe we can help each other achieving those purposes and those words for 2014!

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … You Are Unstoppable! By Rascal Flatts


Masshole Mommy said...

I think right now I am just in "go with the flow" mode. I don't really have anything in the works for this coming year, but if an opportunity comes up, I will jump on it!!

Zenith Thinking said...

And sometimes Masshole Mommy, we need those "go with the flow moments" absolutely!

Thanx for kicking off the discussion!

Warm regards

Rita VonCoupon said...

I'm fairly certain that my purpose is one of support. I've always played a very 'maternal' role in the lives of those around me, which is why I don't want children of my own, I have them...lots of them...many older than I am. A great post, thanks for making my brain work.

(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

Right now, my Purpose is to get my Hubs healed and well from knee surgery... after that, I am sure something else will come up. My Purpose changes.

Becky Lyons Borgia said...

I am in full swing of finding my purpose. Even still, some of it is not quite as I imagined it would be.

Zenith Thinking said...

To Rita

Indeed, many fulfill a role of support. Make sure you give to you too!

To Terry
Absolutely our purpose morphs as we achieve our goals ... LOVE THAT! Keep achieving! Best of Luck with your knee!

To Becky
I started out wanting to go into theatre and music ... now I want to teach and write ... things change, we will get there in the end.

FANTASTIC discussion folks ... keep at it!

Joanna Sormunen said...

For me the time for new starts and beginning have always been August. This is because of school year would begin and you moved on.
Meanwhile in Finland January is dead and nothing literally happens. I usually just tried to survive the cold and dark and waited impatiently for the Spring when the life could start over again.
It has been interesting to see how people live the year differently.

Rowell Reviews said...

I'm flowing now, but I need to be more active and figure out what I want to be when I grow up! :)

jenny at dapperhouse said...

I know that my life purpose is to work with/ educate/care for children. I got my teaching certificate and Mater's Degree in Elementary Ed last year. this year I still have not even had an interview for a teaching job, but I am caring for little ones. It is not paying the bills so I am working this year toward a corporate position that may not be what I was Born to Do but will make me happy none the less.

Eileen said...

My purpose in life (not only for 2014) is to work hard to support my children's college education. I have been both mother and father to them for the longest time. My eldest child, Kristine has graduated from college with a degree in Economics and is now gainfully employed in a large banking institution. My two younger children, both boys are in college, one working for his Marketing Management degree, and the other is on his way to earning a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. My purpose it to give my children the wings to fly and reach their own dreams.

Laurie said...

I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a teacher. Getting to live out my dream job as a first grade teacher has given me purpose, as well as being a mom and now a grandmother. I take one day at a time and ask God what He would have me to do that specific day.

Coralie with Utah Coupon Deals said...

I really love setting goals for every month, so the new year really isn't a "whole new me" kinda thing. I love to be working towards something always. This is really true in a lot of ways though. Thanks for sharing!

Zenith Thinking said...

Dear Joanna
You are right, it is different for different parts of the world and different climates. I moan about our cold and heat, but I shouldn't reading your comment.
In a way you have 2 opportunities to start anew! Make the most of them!

Zenith Thinking said...

Oh Rowell ... I'm not there yet, the Purpose Journey unfolds over years and it morphs ... small steps. It will come to you.
Warm regards

Zenith Thinking said...

Dear Jenny
I SO hear you, the bills have to be paid! But if you can, hold out to work in your passion field ... it will make your soul soar. But if in the interim you find other work, that can be a bridge until you get into your passion field. YOU CAN SO DO IT! GO FOR IT!
Warm regards

Zenith Thinking said...

Eileen, the calling of a Mother is one of our highest purposes. To mould another life holds so much potential! One of my favourite quotes is "to love another person is to see the face of God" We do that as Parents! I salute you!

When your children are all sorted and squared away ... what is next for you? A new adventure is in the wind ... EXCITING!
Warm regards

Zenith Thinking said...

I love your daily walk and guidance from God ... it sounds like you have it perfectly in tune.

Like my comment above to Eileen, there is no higher calling than to be a good mother and teaching falls squarely into that space for me. Blessed!

Warm regards

Zenith Thinking said...

You sound very together, it is lovely and refreshing to hear someone so focused on achieving their goals. You inspire me!
Warm regards

Cara Kueck said...

I agree that normally something inside you is hinting at what your purpose is. I ignore that for a long time and then followed it finally and have never been happier! Thanks for sharing!

Liliana Marsden said...

Hi what a great post. I've never thought about purpose but I certainly believe we are here to learn some lessons.

I suppose my phrase for 2014: Believe and Succeed is connected with purpose.

I am finding 2014 great so far as I decided to take action and I have a plan.

Thanks again for a great post.

Katherine Bartlett said...

This is a great post. I try to set goals daily

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