And We’re Off … Welcome 2014!

There has been so much fantastic dialogue and feedback around our three words for 2014 … it has been AWESOME!  Many wonderful words, thought provoking and a challenge!  I love it!

There wasn’t only the last post of 2013 Ready Steady Go! … I’ve been challenging (read interrogating) all of our friends, family and dinner party guests with the question (in the name of research of course) – What are your three words for 2014?  It’s been a great conversation point.  Why folks have chosen those words vs any other three.  One friend chose a fantastic strong word of Truth!  Some folks chose a phrase, like a recently widowed friend of ours.  She was married for a very long time, for a long time she was half of a strong partnership, now she finds herself in a big brave new world … hers were Live My life!  I love it!  Such passion, Such determination!  That’s gonna be the key … Determination!  Recently I made a new friend, and part of her daily prayer to herself and The Divine is “help me to be of service, no matter what it takes” WOW … how many of us are prepared to do “no matter what it takes” (within a legal context of course) to achieve our goals, that is such a powerful and intense phrase, few can live up to!

Some folks chose words that were life affirming, after having fought a scary disease, like Love, Life, Laugh and Health!

Some folks chose words that were ALL ABOUT THEM – FANTASTIC – Creativity and Authenticity!

Some folks chose a statement;  Make It Count! Or Release Negative People!  I like Make it Count, the time is now – the chance might not come along again.

Many folks chose strong words around their business, Success, Recognition, Knowledge, Patience, Perseverance and Abundance. 

It was interesting how many folks chose Surrender – it feels like that is a strong need for 2014.  Sometimes we fight life too much, make life harder than it needs to be …

Some folks chose words along a spiritual path of Peace, Present, Love and Gratitude!  Gratitude featured strongly!  I love that one!

Some folks chose words that were fabulous and flirty, like Fun, Family, Creativity, Adventure and Happiness, don’t we all run in search of that one … Happiness.

The New Year is always so full of optimism, full of passion, the trick for me will be follow-through … Determination!

My words for 2014 are Writing!  Abundance!  And Adventure!  Also to be read as Writing-Abundance & Adventure!  I almost flirted with bending my own rules by doing a hyphenation, although I do want Writing-Abundance, I want Abundance on its own too!  The more I live, like my widowed friend, the more I will (and want to) experience.  I am open to the change!  And this time, that is one of my goals … Abundant Adventurous experience!  (No Pressure Universe!)

So what have I learned … 2013 held SO many messages and blessed learnings for me, I’m holding onto those and ABUNDANTLY experiencing WRITING ADVENTURES!       

I’m holding you to your words and I will remind you regularly and ask you where you are with achieving your goals.  There is no point in toiling after words and not achieving them.  So my next challenge to you is to go out there and Make 2014 Count!  Make this the year!  I’ve heard so many tales around how hard 2013 was, and she was, but we can lament it or we can use it to fuel a better 2014!  What are we doing about it?  My song of the post challenges you, as the rollercoaster of 2014 leaves the station … what are you doing that makes your soul ascending?  And what have you done today to make you feel proud … because really that is all that matters … you making YOU proud!  If we work, to make others proud of us, we are doing it for the wrong reasons …

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Proud!  By Heather Small

PS … for those I haven’t seen or spoken to yet … I’m coming for you *wicked grin* … you know who you are … 


Jennifer Steck said...

What wonderful words! I chose one word embodied by an additional four. Does that make any sense? My word is Unfetter through Discovering, Growing, Expanding and Exploring. I look forward to following your writing adventure!!

Zenith Thinking said...

Love it Jennifer! I love the adventure in the Discovering, expanding and exploring!

Thank you! I look forward to having you along for the ride!

Warm regards

Sarah Rudell Beach said...

Great choices --- I just love the word Abundance! And I love choosing words instead of resolutions... so much more flexibility, but we still have goals and guidance.

Zenith Thinking said...

Thanx for the comment Sarah. Yes indeed! What are your words or plans for 2014??

Warm regards

Cary Vaughn said...

That's a pretty cool idea! Now I have to think carefully about what my 3 words are.

Zenith Thinking said...

That is fantastic Cary ... now we look forward to hearing from you ... what your 3 words are for 2014!

Warm regards

Aussa Lorens said...

Hmmm.... not sure what words I would choose... I'll have to think about that. I like your emphasis on writing though! That should probably be one of mine...

Oakley said...

I think for me - "Learn To Forgive" which is not always an easy task but got to start somewhere right?

Zenith Thinking said...

It takes one small step Ryan. I believe it gets easier ...

Much Love

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