Just a Touch of Love …

Greetings Fabulous Folks!  So how are you doing on the journey of discovery to find YOUR Purpose??  There has been fantastic conversation with the folks who share my “real world” AND wonderful comments on the blog (keep them coming, love hearing them) and this month Zenith peaked with the most amount of hits in a month … so far … I am so very thankful and pleased we are sharing this journey together!  And a journey it is … the bolt of lightning is reserved for extreme cases and limited to a handful … for most of us it is more of a gentle whisper that evolves, over time, into an unmistakable neon sign.

So many people spoke about their calling to nurture, to mould and care for another being.  Some people spoke of a spiritual calling.  Some people spoke of a deep nagging to leave a bright mark, to make an impact.  The conversations were fantastic!  It’s a journey, our purpose can morph but I believe fundamentally it remains the same … let’s see how that works out for me.  But while we continue on our journey to fine tune and take up the opportunities that our purpose will bring to us, we slipped into a new month (that one crept up on me) and for me, February heralds a plethora of birthdays of really special people in our lives.  Of course February is all about amour, amore, amor, liebe … LOVE!  But that isn’t what this month’s theme is about, well it is and it isn’t … stay with me …

Now I’m one of those strange women who isn’t really into Valentine’s Day, they are a beautiful grand gesture and of course how many of us don’t love those, but in a long term relationship (it is different when it is new love), with the practicalities of life, I am saddened when flowers, cards and dinner prices triple for that particular day to capitalize on the moment *disappointed sigh* … for me, rather love me every other day of the year by your actions.  As Dr Phil so eloquently put it, sex begins in the kitchen.  (OH BABY!  No, not like that!  He went on to qualify.)  If you want your partner to get all jiggy with you later in the bedroom, fill the damn dishwasher and fold the bloody laundry!  Well said Dr Phil!  But that is just my take on Valentine’s Day, no judgement here, if it is your thing revel in it … I go completely overboard at Christmas time.

So with the theme of February and love on my mind, I’m going to suggest that we show the people around us love by using KINDNESSKINDNESS is our theme for this February!  We can show love to people every second of every day without it being an intimate act.  We can show everyone KINDNESS … that is my challenge to everyone this February … KINDNESS!

I love this one … and since I set the themes for the year ahead, I keep being bombarded with kindness verses, quotes and emails to use.  It has made my soul happy!

So we all know how to be kind, it doesn’t take much … it’s that gentle tone we take with little children … some many “grown-ups” need that too.  It’s that smile and touch we mutely exchange with someone who is silently going through a thing.  It’s making a cup of coffee for that person who is slammed at their desk.  It is not passing that unkind comment with the crowd who are being mean.  It is reminding someone how special they are, genuinely looking in their eyes, speaking your truth.  It is helping a perfect stranger change her flat tire at the side of the N1 … in the rain (that man was a hero!).  It is randomly bringing cupcakes into the office – because you work with the best team ever!

There are a couple of qualifiers for kindness … 1)  It has to be 200% genuine – or else people see right through you!  2)  True kindness will not accepting or expecting anything in return (and we must allow people to do that for us – it is their gesture of love!) … THAT is KINDNESS!  Something so unexpected, so beautifully out of the ordinary to make someone else’s day!

So while we continue our very busy lives and continue to ponder on our PURPOSE, let’s concentrate this month on doing KINDNESS (shocking English but you get where I am going).  Actively doing it every day, start with one and see where it leads you … we are 9 days in so we have some catching up to do …

So let’s spread the love people … how are you going to extend Kindness this month … the challenge has been set … ready, steady … GO!

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Just a touch of Love! From the Sister Act Movie


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