Ok, So Where Were We …

… ah yes Kindness!  How are you doing with our Kindness quest for February (and hopefully beyond)?  It’s been an interesting one … that is for sure.  

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I embark on something, like say a diet eating plan, all of a sudden every person I have ever known (since the beginning of time) is having a birthday and\or - as well as - a celebration of some kind and is thrusting an iridescent cupcake in my direction.  Have you noticed that?  So I have giggled (more growled really) at the stuff that has been presented lately, poking me in the eye and almost saying … “ok now be kind on top of that one baby” … it’s been interesting to say the least.

Kindness really takes but a moment and generally doesn't cost a cent and it blooms in a flourish for the recipient.  That is wonderful to witness (secretly, that bit makes my soul sing!).  That is what we are aiming for … that lovely ripple effect, with no expectation of return.

But to be absolutely honest, some of the opportunities this week went un-acted upon.  One or two, I wasn't able to move past my own hurts & baggage, and while thinking about that, it came to me … (sing with me now people …) in the shower.  That when these ideas whisper into my mind, and the suggestions make their way to virtual paper.  I don’t suggest these actions of PURPOSE, KINDNESS and such the like, because I am perfect or even particularly good at them.  I suggest them because I can see it as something that I need to work on too and I would love you to share this joyful life journey with me … really these blogs are virtual buddy systems and the internet allows for an international village.  Many of us are working on the same stuff … let’s learn from each other and do it together …

So what have I learned … I love that poem When I say I am a Christian! by Carol Wimmer.  I mistakenly thought it was by Maya Angelou, but I was wrong, she must have shared it at some point.  I love this poem because although it uses Christianity as the vehicle, I love its humility and its message of flawed’ness.  It says to me, don’t label me with what you think a Christian should be, because I am all of these things and more … and many of them are opportunities for me to try again and to do better and I am ok with that … to live humbly and to improve on tomorrow.  I didn't get it all right this week but I have one more week remaining in February 2014 (can you believe it), that I can try again, in this new week ahead … and do better … because

When I say, “I am a Christian”
I don’t think I know it all
I submit to my confusion
asking humbly to be taught

Let’s renew our efforts … Kindness is calling … how are you going to extend Kindness in this week ahead?  I would love to hear …

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Video of the Post … Random Acts of Kindness  


Lizzi R said...

That's a great poem. I *think* I've read it before somewhere.

I posted a challenge earlier in the week, for people to go out and do something for someone else, to make their day better, on purpose.

And I challenged myself. And haven't done it yet! So I must.

I like your optimism and determination about this, though :)

Angelé Wells said...

Food for thought! Loved it ... as always xxx

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