Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) Zen 1 (Zenith #1 – Considerings #36)

I’ve mentioned before that I belong to a Blog “Support Group” (I love the inference of those last two words – they make me smile) Bloppy Bloggers and I might have mentioned before that they are fantastic!  I’ve met some wonderful bloggers there and they have taught me so much.  One of them is Lizzi Rogers of Considerings.  I love her blog and her tag line says it all …  Deep Thinking, Truth-Telling and Actively Seeking the Good in LifeI love it!   Lizzi runs a blog-hop of Ten Things of Thankful and this too I LOVE! 

Like many, every now and then, I have a sense of humour failure and I wobble off my surf-board of life, but I have started forcing myself to find things to be thankful for or Gratitude’s and this practise has saved my sanity (more than once) … so as I join this blog-hop for the first time this weekend and resolutely intend to contribute regularly + return to FTSF (Finish the Sentence Friday) and I would like to start my own version of Wordless Wednesday … here is my 1st Ten Things of Thankful … also known as TToT

I extend to you the challenge of actively seeking the beauty and wonder in your life … those kittens that warm your soul, the dinner that is made for you, clean sheets to rest your weary body … let’s find the good, and raise our warm fuzzy factor … it’s quite contagious!

1.    I have just finished a home-made fruit ice-lolly with our girls, outside in the lovely warm summer sunshine!  There is something about fruit ice-lollies in summer.  I mean really, it’s not rocket-science but there is something about them … togetherness, family, a wonderful treat that didn’t cost the earth, relatively healthy being 100% fruit juice, and then there is something nostalgic about it … this was something my mother did for me too … a warm re-lived memory.

2.   Last night I slept through the night.  This is not something I do very often, but I am truly thankful for it last night.  Funny how you don’t miss something until you don’t have it.  Un-broken sleep truly is a gift!

3.      I LOVE LOVE LOVE warm showers, if I can shave 7 singular solitary minutes to myself – its heaven on a stick!  “A moment alone with my thoughts reveals the purest reflection of my mind. I am guided and supported by a clarity of vision of my true nature” Dr. Darren Weissman, for me, this is me in the shower and I managed it this morning.  A lovely warm shower, on my own with my thoughts and bubbles … what is not to love!

4.    On Friday, my mother and I shared a rare indulgence.  We went shopping at one of our favourite places on the face of the earth … just mum and I, and over 300 stores and the ability to beguile the tightest Saleslady.  We had an absolute ball and it was wonderful spending it together, catching up on conversations that we haven’t had in too long a time.          

5.       Some beautiful time writing … writing is where my soul lives … loving this time … so thankful!

6.     I am Thankful for Facebook … yes, you read me right … I LOVE LOVE LOVE the instant connection Facebook gives me with people all across the world.  I just “spoke” to a friend of mine in Russia, I have connection with my cousins in the UK and with my friend in France (although she hides from FB … we can see, you know!!   :-)).  I speak to writers from all over the world and my sister (whom I spend on average about 2 hours a day with) and she lives around the corner.  Fabulous people share beautiful quotes that enrich my life day after day … Mark Zuckerberg I love what you have created and I am truly thankful for your genius!  Oh and that one minute long video of my life on FB … It made me cry ...  – so beautiful – thank you!

7.   My Spirituality and My Faith … I don’t see them as separate things but I do see their individuality in my life and I am very thankful and grateful for their guidance in my life! 


8.      Music!  For me, music is the great mood booster, game changer, life enhancer!  My choice of music is as varied as the Inuit words for snow.  I find the car works well for this and it has to be a positive playlist (not the time or the place for The Carpenters) … maybe a bit of P!nk – there is very little wallow in P!nk.  Currently I am really enjoying Unstoppable! and Proud! and I was here! and another good one is the Song of the Post below.  Crank the volume people … as loud as is legally (and safely) possible … on repeat.  If, like me, the journey to work can be a long one in the traffic … go for it … as you sing along and raise the roof on your TT (my Jazz is a sexy TT in my head), you will notice the people around you also smiling.  That has got to be great – Right?  Course, I think that is because they are witnessing mental illness … but it is wonderful and quite liberating.  Give it a try, you will love it!

9.    I LOVE and am very thankful for all the machines in my life!  Odd but true!  The dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, cell phone, laptop etc, coffee machine, our wi-fi, the emersion blender, my office AC, the clock radio, our kettle, my fan in my bedroom, the microwave and our stove and and and … without these modern gizmo’s and gadgetry (of which I can never find a very good reason not to buy another one), make the modern women’s (dare I say) the modern person’s life much easier and it frees us up to be doing the things we would really rather be doing … than manually washing clothes over a tub … yes?  The modern human being has a lot to thank all these now common place items for … and I am truly thankful for them!

10.  And finally … I am thankful for connection … no not our wi-fi (this time) … but to all the wonderful people that share my daily path … my partner & husband, our children, our families, my colleagues, our friends (both in real life and on Facebook), my teachers … thank you for this awesome journey.  Particularly during the hard bits, when I might not be feeling quite so grown-up.  People are sent to teach us … I thank you for the lessons and the laughs and the loves.

I would love to hear from you … what are you thankful for today?

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … MY CURRENT MANTRA … Happy - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)


Sandy Ramsey said...

This happens to be an amazing list! I can't even think where to begin. Sleeping through the night is a good place, I suppose because when I can't I know it is AWFUL so happy to hear you caught those ZZZs. Time writing is always something to be thankful for. I love the mornings before real life goes into overdrive and I have a blessed hour to collect my thoughts and maybe write a few words. I, too, am grateful for all the machines in my life. Simply because they free up time for so many other things. Thanks so much for linking up. This has been a great post to start my day!

Zoe Byrd said...

Thich Nhat Hanh ...my favorite! love the list...

Michelle Liew said...

Thanks for linking....and I love this list! Can't do without music either.

Jean said...

Love music in the car...love your wonderful attitude...nice to meet you! AND WELCOME FROM ANOTHER sort of newbie! xox jean

Lizzi R said...

Hey Collette, welcome to the TToT :D Glad you could join us, and what a list to begin with! There are some seriously thankful Thankfuls on here.

And SUMMER! Owwww! I'm envious. I think if I had my way I'd travel between hemispheres in search of perpetual warmth. But it's lovely you're passing on family traditions for the season.

There's a very cool pie chart somewhere online, with a tiny section in one colour, and the rest in a different colour. The tiny slice is "Time in the shower spent washing" and the HUGE slice is "Time in the shower spent thinking about how I should probably be getting out of the shower"

Love it :D

Christine said...

Welcome to the TToT!
I happened to put the same song on my thankful list this week! Love that Happy song.
We dance in our van all the time. It's wonderful fun and keeps everyone in a good mood. Who cares what the nearby drivers think?

Phoebe Wulliman Graber said...

Welcome. Welcome. I'm fairly new to TToT as well...just finished week 6. This community is very supportive and faithful in their presence.

I so agree with you on the sleeping through the night! People who do this regularly take it for granted. I can't remember the last time it happened for me. My middle aged bladder doesn't make it more than 5-6 hours. Sigh.

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you all above for your lovely comments ... appreciate them all ...

Am REALLY enjoying working this TToT list ... and next weeks!

Much love

Kathy said...

Hi C, I loved this blog on thankfulness! I feel so Blessed to be here today, seeing my children grow up. Even to see the grey hairs they give me at times :). I love the aircon in my car on these really hot days. I love KFM - they make me laugh so loud in the morning. So many of the aspects you mentioned is on my list as well - we have lots to be thankful for... Keep on writing...Kathy

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