March’s Magic!

And here we are … March 2014!  Ja, February is like that … short and sneaky but there is no reason why we can’t incorporate both our February action and our March action and do a double whammy of fabulousness, because they go hand in hand.  So February we were spreading the Kindness around … in March let’s do a little bit of Encouraging! 

So easy, again it doesn’t need to cost us any bucks (unless of course you want to do it with cake, balloons, flowers or a nice hot hunky strip-o-gram … ok maybe back to the chocolate!).

Again only one rule … it has to be sincere and honest(Is that one rule or two?)

For those of us who are parents, this action is thrust upon us, even if it doesn’t come naturally.  It is something that we find our little people need from us.  Everything, from taking that first intrepid step off the edge of the pool, as they jump into the cool deep.  Or that spirited High-5 we administer, with a resounding Good Job as they finished 11th in the merciless egg & spoon race.  It’s not that we don’t mean it, we do – we absolutely do!  After all, there were 28 other little angels in that event and my precious monkey came 11th in that fine field of athletes.  Encouragement is something that, eventually, comes naturally to those with children … they need it, we need it, to build confident little people for the future!

I’m suggesting stepping out of our comfort zone and encouraging grown-ups!  I work with some amazing people, senior leaders and sometimes I look at them and think … when last did someone tell you that you were doing a great job?  When last did you tell someone (above you on the food chain) that they were doing a great job!  I think the further up you go, you hear that less and less … sad really …

We all have friends, work colleagues, that person at work that drives you up the wall (not me of course), family that you are able to find something honest to encourage them about.  Someone who is really facing a bit of a major challenge, who doesn’t want to even speak about it but could do with a bit of “fluff conversation” and a cup of comforting tea … just to change the focus for a moment. 

I remember once watching a documentary on the need for human interaction; they were filming at a military hospital in some war-torn hell-hole.  The person in the bed had stepped on a mine or something and had lost major body parts - multiples, was badly burned, in terrible pain and was slowly, painfully, giving up the fight.  Another healing patient, a woman who had lost her leg, wanted to do something to encourage this man – a stranger - whom she had been silently watching.  She knew she couldn’t tell him anything that would ever make him feel better, who knew what was going on in his mind but still she wanted to do something.  She put on her Dress Military Uniform and she went quietly into his room.  After several quiet and confused minutes, with tears rolling down her face, all she quietly said was … “can I be here with you?”  I came undone.  The documentary went on to report, that for weeks she just stood there, for long periods of the day … but that eventually they started speaking and his health turned and he started to fight again and eventually his mangled body healed.

Who are you going to “stand” with in March?  Who are you going to encourage with a kind word, a supportive email or msg, or with a firm kick up the bum (sometimes encouragement takes that form too).

I know you can do it!  I know for some folks this is difficult … but I know that you can dig deep and encourage someone to stick to that eating plan, go with you to gym, look at that hurtful fight from another perspective, have faith in themselves to go for that daunting new job, be strong enough to say NO!

I get really excited when I think about the positive ripple effect.  Where what we put out, we get back.  Not that we are doing this for the great cosmic karma rebate … but knowing that we are improving our environments and positively and honestly affecting moments in people’s lives, makes me smile all gooey and smushy on the inside.

I challenge you to go live in the moment (but don’t get arrested), often those moments of encouragement can pass so fleetingly … go do it!  Give that compliment!  Send that msg!  Make that phone call!  And then sit back and feel that warm fuzzy within you, when those moments take flight.

You can’t plan this, you have to be in the moment!  But if you have any really good encouraging stores, I would love to hear them.

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Perfect! by P!nk


Angelé Wells said...

The thing I love most about your blog writing is that it never fails to evoke emotion ... be it sadness, amusement, inspiration.

Another wonderful blog! Thank you xx

Liz Solomon said...

Great reminders. I've found that reminding people of what you think they're great at and really offering a genuine smile is something people aren't used to. I do this for my students and they are, sadly, amazed that I reached out to them to encourage them. It's so important though to give that little smile and pat on the back though.

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you Angele'!
SO appreciate your unwavering support.
Love you!

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you Liz

Sadly I must agree that folks can't take good news or a compliment well ... but that doesn't mean we have to stop. And as a teacher you are in the perfect place to drench those talents!

Keep at it!
Warm regards

Anonymous As Always said...

IMHO, there are too few people out there encouraging folks but maybe for good reason. Why bother encouraging people at all? Yes, it makes them feel good about themselves but also make one feel disappointed when you dont achieve what you have been encouraged to do!

I think a lot of this has to do with ones self worth and/or confidence. possibly a way of brown nosing to make one feel better about themselves.

I dont know - there is just so much fake out there.........Im in two minds whether it is really a good thing to encourage somebody or not without being fully honest of your intentions. Geesh - reading back I dont even know what I am saying!

Good read though - Thank You

Zenith Thinking said...

We bother because it makes this world a better place.

I'm not suggesting folks shamelessly blow smoke up folks @$$ ... no! I think people know when they are being "brown nosed" and that is something else all together ...

Honest, encouragement comes from a genuine place ... and every now and then don't we all need a little.

Great comment ... great discussion! Thank you for the comment.


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