No Extra Required!

Our journey this year has been an interesting one, can you believe we are already five months in?  It looks like it is going to be a learning year for me (aren’t they all).  In January we immersed ourselves in a month of thinking about our PURPOSE.  Then we moved into February and practised a month of KINDNESS – I know that felt good!  March ran right up to me and we used this wonderful month to ENCOURAGE where we could, and then in April I challenged us all to live with great COURAGE … one of my absolute favourite words.

Those words sound easy enough but there were moments when all of them took us out of our comfy space and were difficult to act on … but I’ve interacted with a few of you and I am loving listening to how the journey is unfolding … it’s exciting to see and be aware of the growth …

This month’s word, wasn’t supposed to be this month’s word.  At the beginning of the year I roughly mapped out themes for each month and this month’s word was supposed to be happiness and it is indeed a great word and we will visit it later down the line.

Instead May’s word was demanding, it showed up – more than once – and insisted … things happened and life stepped in and this word jumped out at me and said … you must!  May is ENOUGH!

Emotionally, ENOUGH is a difficult word to probe … and really we would rather not, let’s push it away for another day when we can make light and can minimize its gravity … but do you feel you are enough?  Really?  Honestly?  In your work place?  In your relationships?  In your home?  In your relationship with Spirit?  At your job?  How many of us feel that if we worked harder, were thinner, prettier, hotter, cleverer (is that an actual word?), more competent, faster, worked harder at the gym, actually get to the gym or richer, that everything would be ok … we would be better … more.  It is a demon I grapple with every day. 

There is a deep psychological entanglement to be undertaken, as to why we feel this way but my suggestion this month, is to entertain that you are (already) ENOUGH!  Fake it, until you make it!!  Come to every situation, not thinking that you are less than but that you are perfect for your contribution, that you are indeed enough.  Not in a boastful, arrogant way but in a healthy, whole way.  Let’s just practice this for one whole month and then let’s revisit it at the end of May and see what has changed … I know there is going to be change!

So what have I learned … every time I think I have a handle on this one … something knocks me on my butt and forces encourages me to revisit. 

I have done the digging (the pit was deep and wide) and I know where this particular fear factor comes from (for me), so I highly encourage doing the excavating, regardless of how difficult it is.  After all, how can you know where you are going, if you do not know where you have been?  Let’s not pull punches here people, as one of my favourite Spiritual Teachers Iyanla Vanzant says, “let’s call a thing, a thing people!” … it is brave work, BUT when you push through … the A HA moment is mind-blowing and it is worth the work!

As I embrace this exciting journey, I am getting better at being enough … most days!  But it really is a bit of a habit.  If every single time you are faced with a doubting moment, you took a deep breath and said to yourself, I am enough … eventually you would start to notice, that indeed … you are more than enough … and that no extra is required!

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Raise Your Glass by P!nk


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that that was a rather inspiring bit of writing. Nicely done!

Zenith Thinking said...

Thank you! :-)

Kristi Campbell said...

Enough. It really is much too easy to feel like we're not enough in so many situations, isn't it? Thank you for the fabulous reminder to remind myself that not only am I enough, but that I am more than enough.

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