Don’t Forget You!

So sliding into almost the final hour of August, we have been working on LOVE this month in Zenith - It starts with you and me! 

Something that came home loud and clear to me this month, was that included loving ourselves too!  It was very easy for me to make August about me showing love to others, there were so many birthday’s and they were wonderful and we had a great time but a message that wouldn't leave me alone this month was that, you can only do for other’s, what you practice on yourself. 

How much do you love you and demonstrate that to yourself?  Not in a boastful vain ego trip but in the ways that count.

Do we speak our truth?  Do we stand up for ourselves, when others laugh at our expense?  Are we listening to our bodies, or are we pushing ourselves to “just get through to next weekend”?  Are we executing good food and exercise choices to fuel our bodies, that we demand to the max?  Are we walking away from that toxic relationship because it hurts too much now to stay?  Are we doing what makes our souls sing for a living or are you doing what pays the bills but it sucks the light out of you?  Are you curling up with that book you have wanted to read?  Are you starting to train for that marathon you want to run?

I thought I had August waxed – Love, I've so got this.  Lavishing love on others comes easily for me but August slapped me up-side the head and said, NO!  Don’t forget you!

As we slide into Spring tomorrow in the Southern Hemisphere, the 1st September is already here … New Beginnings!  I declare September the month of Adventure!  It’s one of my 3 words for 2014  and the time is now!  So let’s throw open those windows and doors and declare September the beginning of our Adventure and embrace New Beginnings!

Who is with me?

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

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