It Starts With You And Me …

In the absence of anything mind-blowing to write … I remained silent.  Truly rare for me, but there you go … it can be done.

May’s theme of the month was Enough and June’s theme presented itself as MemoriesJuly’s theme was supposed to be a mid-year check-in on where we were with our 3 words for 2014  … do you remember your 3 words?  How are you doing?  Mine were Writing!  Adventure!  And Abundance … the last 6-months have been interesting - thoughtful, adventure might be a bit of a push but I am hopeful and I can feel it … any minute now!  As for Abundance – absolutely!  I have enjoyed seeing the Abundance in my life … that has truly been a blessing.

And already August is staring us down … the 8th month of 2014!  This month’s theme was an absolute no brainer for me.  Normally this theme is associated with February but not for me … August truly is my month for love.  Yes LOVE is our theme for August.  For me, almost every single day of August (I kid you not) is marked with an opportunity to love.  Now some would say, that every millisecond of every day presents us with many opportunities to love, but for me, August stands out above all the others.

We start the month celebrating our baby’s birthday (she was 9 this year … where did 9 years go to?), then we race on to the festivities that are my Mother-In-Law’s birthday, shortly followed by our oldest’s birthday (she is 14 this year and boy when I say that out loud, do I feel my age), with less than a day or two to recover, we fly into a friend’s birthday, my brother in law, a niece and then finally, I dragging myself over the finish-line with my husband’s birthday.  You must know, that by the time we get to his day … it’s not just the budget that is exhausted.  But every year we galvanise ourselves in July for the marathon that is our August.  Not this year!

This year I have made a concerted effort to do things differently.  Instead of pacing myself through rapid events, praying for the end, I am living and loving every single moment and event as a celebration of that person and in between loving everyone else in my path.  I challenge you to join me …

This is my month to show love – all the many forms of love.  So I extend the challenge to you too.  How many people can you show love to this August?  Taking every day and every single opportunity to choose love over all the other options;  that vicious comment that we could release in anger, instead holding it back in love.  That special person you long to cuddle but you don’t … because what would people think?  That colleague that always has to be right, let them be.  That tongue that trips me up in a mean moment.  Silent prayers for the world at war today.  A long-term partner that gets lost in the craziness of life.  A cup of coffee, desperate relief to a friend chasing a deadline.  So many opportunities over and above the obvious ones …

So what have I learned … August can be mayhem for me but this year I am determined to make it real, with so many wonderful opportunities, I’m challenging us to dig deep and go beyond the “low hanging fruit” to reach beyond our comfort zones and show this currently crazy world … that love can be in the every day, in the ordinary and it starts with you and me.

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make August and 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

For our girls … Song of the Post … Little Me by Little Mix … Shout out, be prouder, speak up, anything you wanna be …


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