Highly Favoured!

I met an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G woman yesterday.  I don’t know her name, I might not ever see her again but she left an indelible impression on me.  Something I will carry with me forever … She was the Concierge at our hotel.  We approached her needing directions … BOOM did she deliver!

The hospitality industry is a demanding and tireless industry, it’s an industry my path interlaces regularly.  Not so secretly  ... I love it!  I am always in awe of that special kind of person that is needed to make that moment’s interaction feel genuine, regardless of the mania going on around them.

I approached the desk and looked up into a beautiful smiling face and she asked me how I was.  I have been particularly impressed by this hotel’s friendly manner.  Although there are no budget hotels in Sandton, our hotel is designed more towards the modest scale, their hospitality and service however are not.  Those two factors are soaring in the 5-Star space.  From the moment we arrived, the staff have extended an exceptional level of welcome.  It is something you constantly hear about Johannesburg, how friendly the people are (much to the annoyance of the rest of the country, we all want to be The Most Friendliest People in South Africa – Well I do), and although my expectations were high (I was\am determined to invoke a wonderful experience here) … still my anticipations have been surpassed, and some (and we all know what a princess I can be).

Where was I … oh yes, I looked up into this beautiful face – a physically beautiful woman but I swear she shone, she was iridescent - and then she spoke.  She asked me how I was and I gave her my honest (if a little annoying) I’m Fabulous Thank You!  I asked her “How are you?” there was a heartbeat of consideration and then BAM … there it was, I’ve seen it before, a moment when souls connect and she said … I am HIGHLY FAVOURED!  She arrested me energetically for a second, as I digested what she had just said and then the BIGGEST smiled filled my face I LOVED IT!  HIGHLY FAVOURED!

What could I say after that other than can I have an AMEN sister!  My mother and I (I’m her travel-buddy for the week) instantly connected with this woman.  BOOM!

She was of course, referring to a beautiful scripture in the Bible in Luke 1 … her statement spoke to me so intimately!  She didn’t say it arrogantly, she wasn’t saying that she was like the mother of Christ, but it was a warm confidence that she is indeed Highly Favoured by her Divine and that she was indeed blessed in that knowledge.  I loved it!  She set the tone for our day (and indeed our week) and what a blessing she was in that moment.  What an impact! 

While enjoying a different shower this morning (a fantastic shower head, must go home and get one of those, it was like showering in a warm rain forest – or so I have been told) I contemplated the impact she had on our day, and how very important that knowledge is.  When you know deep within your spirit that you are Highly Favoured, not more than anyone else but as well as everyone else, and then how can you not see and focus on the abundant blessings we are presented.

So what have I learned … this interaction of but moments yesterday (re)ignited in me that Divine Knowledge that we are all Highly Favoured by The Divine.  Not one more than another, but me individually and you individually and then challenged to live unwaveringly in the security of that knowledge.

When someone meets your spirit with that level of generosity, you can’t but recognise the moment for exactly what it is … a Divine Intervention, in every sense of that word.

That Lady also re-directed my vision for the day, billowing over into today and I know it will follow me for a while yet … lovingly demanding of me to see only (mostly) the beauty that surrounds me in this month of adventure and indeed in every day that follows.

Lately, we seem to have been surrounded by scary world events and the passing of many people, a stark reminder to us to make every day count, make every day an adventure – even in the ordinary - and to make every day a blessing, both to ourselves and to others. 

What brave new steps are you taking this September to live the life that your Divine has favoured for you?  Would love to hear from you …              

Love you all madly!  Let’s Make 2014 Count!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … God Gave Me You! by Blake Shelton


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