That Which Does Not Serve Us

Wow!  As 2014 races to her conclusion and the rest of this year takes on a life of her own, can we look back on 2014 and say that we Made It Count? 

On Monday I overheard one of my colleagues declared that this is going to be HER YEAR!  My immediate hasty answer was “well you are a bit screwed, because it is November”.  Suddenly realization tumbled, tomorrow would be her birthday.  When I got out of my own way … I loved it!

This month’s theme for Zenith is Release or more commonly known as Let That Shit Go!  This is going to be a big one for me … I’m really bad at it.  I am very reluctant, completely averse, absolutely hesitant, recalcitrant (oooo love that word) of note!  But that completely stems from fear … and I need to get better at it … to get out of my own way so to speak.  Clear out the old … make way for the new.  Release that which does not serve me - uncluttering my mind, my heart, my cupboards, my desk and indeed my life.

About a year ago, I remember consoling a friend who had lost a big contract, her source of income.  Having said that, it was a contract that had her working every hour that was sent and not appreciating her for the vast value she was adding.  She was devastated.  I understood why at the time.  A thought fought its way through … out with the old, making way for the new.  I know there were a couple of months of great financial concern, but now she is working on a new exciting project and one that seems to appreciate her more.  Even at the time, although there was trepidation around finances, she knew that she had to release that contract that was not serving her to make space and way for the exciting new one.

Sometimes we are forced to release – then we really hate it, fight it.  When it is not our choice it can be very scary (even when it is our choice it can be) but change is necessary and then release is absolutely required.  As that lovely quote goes “Let go or be dragged”.

Historically I have been particularly reluctant to release people from their “contract” … but I am getting better at walking away and if I am really working it, I can steer clear before it takes hold.

So what have I learned … It doesn't need to be the 1st January or the beginning of a new quarter or the 1st day of Spring to make a change or take a big step … and for my colleague, she claimed this new chronological year, which happens to start in November.  I LOVE IT!

So the challenge has been thrown down for this month … November for Zenith and I will be the month of Release.  Letting go of that which does not serve me.  Not being dragged but stopping and realizing it was never going to be, that job, that person, that comment, approval … so let it go.

What big life changing stuff are you starting in November?  If we start something today, where will we be in one years’ time.  I love that quote … so let’s do it now … let’s take that step!

Love you all madly!  It’s November!  Let’s MAKE the rest of 2014 COUNT!
Collette in Cape Town

Song of the Post … Let me let go ...  by Faith Hill


Shiyaam Martin said...

Hi Collette, loved this piece and where it's taking me. I keep thinking that if i give it time a turnaround will happen. think that at this age, it's easier to decide when it's working and when not.... love shiyaam

Zenith Thinking said...

Beautiful Neighbour ... we make the turnaround! Take the step sweetie ... you will be AWESOME ...
Miss you madly neighbour!

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